Music styles :-D ?

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  1. **IF you don't post in this forum i'm gonna.... well not really do anything but... :shrug:

    There's too much techinical talk going on here.. this family needs to have a talk.. and music is the language of love .. i heard that somewhere...... personally i like country + older rock ( 70's 80's ) but I listen to anything but rap..! :flag:
  2. I played guitar in a heavy metal band in the 80s.
    In fact, heavy metal is still my favorite genre. (Not mallcore stuff, such as korn, mansion or bizkit, either, I mean real metal)

    Aside from heavy metal and hard rock, I also like certain Classical and Country.
    No ghetto music, though. I can't stand any of that.
  3. It depends on what mood Im in. I can listen to anything from Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop and Rap. Just really all depends. I Especially like to listen to Country and Classic rock when Im cruisin in my Cobra II!!
  4. Rock is by far my fav. fav. bands all I have seen in concert
    Black Sabbath
    Linkin Park
    Andrew W.K.
    Black Label Society
    Cypress Hill
    Fear Factory
  5. 80's rock, to country, or 70's, 80's slow easy rock. And even some of the new music, kids are listening to today, don't know what it would be called, but like, black-eyed peas, kid rock, uncle cracker.
  6. I would have to say classic rock is my favorite along with oldies and some country... Jazz is cool sometimes too, even Death metal. If anyone is in the Washington area they will know the stations I got programmed:


    just to name a few;

    ZZ Top
    Led Zeppelin
    Dire Straights
    Twisted Sister, I could go on for days!

  7. RICKER my Bro :nice:
  8. Yea we always call him and request songs, or tell him ridiculous things to see what he says. Great station!
  9. I love 80's metal, I played bass and guitar in a metal band in the late 80's early 90's. We did stuff like

    Dio..Holy Diver
    Rainbow...Man on a silver mountain
    Kix...Blow my Fuse....I took a few guitar lessons from Steve Whiteman
    Jackyl....Down on me

    Stuff like that.... love to go around the Harrisbug area and see all the great local bands
  10. i listen mostly to country i really like the older country like hank sr. i like the whine in their voices but i listen to any think except jazz and classical right now my fav. would be toby keith but im going to a kid rock concert tomarrow night at evansville indiana
  11. To paraphrase Dee Snyder...

    If it aint metal, it's crap! :rlaugh:
  12. slayer, grateful dead , primus and eminem ....i have many personalities :)
  13. C'mon man what about 98.9 or 105.7?? those are some of the best classic rock stations there are!! How could you forget those!! :stick:
  14. Hard rock, metal, classic rock, and some trance. No rap. The closest thing to rap I like is Linkin Park.

  15. This is exactly how most of the boards I used to read went to crap. It starts innocently ehough, but soon turns to too much off-topic chit-chat, to the point where it turns into a chat room and nobody bothers with tech stuff.

    No disrespect intended, but there are plenty of chat rooms, and other sites (or rooms on this forum) for this kind of posting, let's keep this board stangII-related.

    just my opinion.
  16. Rap/ Hip-Hop, C&W and 70's ~ 80's rock.

    Rap and Hip Hop from the neighbors across the street and the boys driving by, and C&W and rock from the other neighbor.

    It's occured to me none of my radios are set to a music station. Their set to NPR / PBS. I do have one button set to talk radio to ocasionally listen in on the local idiots.

    I do spin the dial to a Clear Channel 70's rock station on weekends during WCPNs German music programs, that stuff sets my nerves on edge.

  17. God Forbid we learn something about eachother.
  18. When I feel like listening to music it has to be classic rock.

    Zeppelin :hail2:
    Iron Butterfly
    Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick)

    And many more good groups

    I can't listen to Ghetto Rap. It's too much about violence and gives me headaches.

    Motown reminds me of the race riots and predjudice it just bums me out.

    Some Country music works for me. Not the ones where they're crying in their beer or their pick up truck broke down.

    No Elevator music here.

    LedZ 5.0
  19. And knowing that someone likes a given music type has exactly *what* to do with their input on IIs? Personally, I don't care for some of the content/bands listed, but that has nothing to do with whether or not I respect the posters input.

    All I'm saying is, there are other areas already set up for this, and I gather many people already visit those. I do not, because when i come to SN, I'm looking for II stuff.

    And yes, I know I can skip those posts, but I've seen more than one board turn into a wasteland of links to "funny" pictures, stupid off-topic auctions, "one word post" threads that go 30 pages, etc, etc. Soon, the real on-topic posts are so few and far between that it isn't worth trying to find them. I'd just hate to see one of the best resources for IIs go that way. When I last read the mail list, it was more of a "family" atmosphere that happened to own (or be fans of) IIs, which is fine, because it had always been understood that that was the way the founders had set it up.

    Guess it's my "loner" mentality:shrug:
  20. >Guess it's my "loner" mentality

    You have some good points Cobraman and I have to agree with you. However there are rarely any good project updates w/ pics, details, etc which I hungrily crave. I believe it is due to our size. Therefore since the II forum is so small I usually end up reading all of the threads. Well here is my input if it proves interesting to anyone:

    My II has no working radio in it by choice. However there is a radio there to fill the hole in the dash. Within the past couple of years of my restoration I've removed all of the sound deadener and insulation. I've always enjoyed listening to the road noise and the hum of the engine. It brings me closer to the act of driving.

    As for my daily commuter, I love books on tape and when I'm not listening to one I'm tuned in to NPR.