Mustang 4 door?!?!?! WTF?

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  1. wat the hell are they thinking now? that looks hideous. It wouldnt be so bad if they didnt want to call it a mustang. I think that 2010 concept stang looks good but that is just hideous. wat the hell
  2. I think ford does need to build a RWD 4 door thats larger than the mustang as direct competition to the charger. I don't think it should be called a mustang, I think they would be better off bringing back the T-bird name or the Torino cobra name from the 60's
  3. Bring the Falcon over from Australian and there's your 4-door sports sedan.

    If they leave the 5.4L in it and the 6-spd/5-spd, i would buy one :)
  4. Ford should call it the Pinto II
  5. Thats the worst idea I have ever seen:nonono: Ford will go out of business if they make that thing, I cant even call it a Mustang:nonono:
  6. They do this everytime a new body style is about to come up. But then again, Im sure back in the late 70s early 80s, no one saw the HATCHBACK coming.... :)
  7. I really hope they don't make this "HUGE" mistake!:puke::puke::puke:
  8. I saw a late 80's LTD with a 5.0, Mustang wheels and interior, and front clip. It was a real life, 4 door Mustang! It looked pretty cool, too. I do believe they had some El Camino Mustang thing once, too. I saw one at Autozone one day. Donno if it was something that came that way, or if it was fabricated. It was from the 60s.
  9. Are you thinking of the "Ranchero"?
  10. should call it the galaxy my uncle has a pretty nice one. I and im kinda embarrased that concept has a pony on the front of it:notnice:
  11. +1 on calling it the Galaxie, it fits the idea of a fast 4 door much better
  12. :puke:

    If they don't call it a Mustang and don't put the pony on it, it's a great idea. If they do, it's a disgrace.
  13. ford is stupid. they should just file bankruptcy and liquidate already.
  14. WHAT?! did you guys hear? they are done with the F150 and making trucks out of other moder mustangs too, apparently Bro's want of piece of this mustang biznass too.


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  15. thats not an f150 thats a ranger
  16. It doesnt matter what we think, if Ford thinks it will sell and make it worth their while, they will make it. There are plenty enough people out there that buy a mustang because they like the way it looks. If you dont like a 4 door, then dont buy it. If it truly is the worst idea ever, the 4 door option will be discontinued and that will be the end of it, big deal. As far as I'm concerned, Ford stopped making the mustang in 2004 anyway.
  17. HAHA AAAAAAHHH! Looks like something straight out of mexico!!!LOL
  18. Should be a Fairlaine or Torino for sure, both those cars were boats and yet still had balls.