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  1. Can I be on your pic mailing list too?? ;)
  2. Blue Thunder, have you compensated the speedo since the new tires are 2" taller than stock? Which gear did you use # of teeth?
  3. I used direct swap, stock type rotors, but with 5-lugs. If you moved the wheels out much more than I already have, with the 7/16" spacers, they'd interfere with the fender flares. The worst that would happen if you ended up with the same backspacing as mine, but without the upper arm mod is that you'd have a more limited steering travel. Mine steers at least as tight as stock, if not more, which I like, especially in small parking areas.
  4. I had 245/60r14s on the back, which are almost the exact same height as the 275/40zr17s. But I also had 4.10s gears, which always made my speedo read about 33% higher than the car's speed. According to Dynamic transmissions, the C4 doesnt have a removable shaft gear, the teeth are cast right into the shaft itself, so you can only adjust slightly by swapping the cable gear. (unless you also find a tailshaft with a different number of teeth on the speedo drive gear, then you can make correct speedo adjustments.)
    I went over the issue with Dynamic when they built my trans, and they tried to find a C4 tailshaft with fewer teeth(9 tooth shaft I think you need for 4.10s??) but all they could locate was one that was a little closer to what I needed than what I'd started with(11 teeth if I recall?) I don't recall all the numbers, so they might be off.
    Anyway, for about 10 years, I've been driving the car with a speedo that was way off.
    Now that I've swapped in the 3.10 gears,(stock was 3.08s in that car) the speedo seems to read only a few mph slow at highway speeds. I can probably correct this slight error by just changing the cable gear, which I'll eventually get around to doing. But I'm so happy to have a speedo almost right again, a few mph error doesnt bother me!
  5. Since the Granada rotors would have given you 1/4" would you still have needed the spacers?
  6. On a side note: I pushed my car into some turns last night and today, to see how it feels with the new tires, and it's a completely different animal than it was with the old tires. (I had 195/70r13s on the front, and 245/60r14s on the back) I think the II now handles at least as good as my old '85 GT did.
    I don't even have a rear sway bar installed yet, and the front stock bar looks like a little coat hanger under there. So that's next on my to-do list. I have a rear bar taken from an '84 or '85 bronco parts vehicle that had a 9" in it, I'm going to see if I can make it fit the II by fabricating some end links and clamps. It's 1" in diameter.
  7. Well, with those rotors, I would have used a 3/16" wheel spacer, to arrive at the same 7/16" of wheel spacing, which seems to place the wheel perfectly in the wheel well.
  8. I will go out later and measure the overall backspacing on the front wheels, and post the results.
  9. Hi, my ride:

  10. Good base for a fun project. Good Find.
  11. well here are some pics after I waxed the II was pretty happy with how it came out. Now if i could only get into the 12's with it muhaaaa.
  12. Interesting color.....
  13. It was supposed to be more orange but came out more copper than anything.
    When the sun hits it the orange really comes out with the multi flakes. I get alot of good feedback of on the streets and with so much flake kinda puts the redneck girls in a trance (sorta like a bass boat) :)

    :lol: your 74 is sweet looking ride. I like how you represent the II's ( you are kinda like the II queen around here) also I must say you have a killer bod! :hail2:
  14. I wonder if that hood ornament would work on my Cobra? :rolleyes: :D
  15. Eos, you have the nicest II front end I've seen on this board.
  16. Thank you.
  17. I have just found and picked up a 78 T-Top 302 4 speed. 98000 kms (60000 miles) with some surface rust, except for the floor pan behind the drivers seat, which has a hole in it. Now the fun begins!

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