Suspension Mustangs Plus Suspension Super Starter Kit?

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  1. I need pretty much everything for the suspension on my 65 GT. I was looking into the Mustang Plus starter kit. I was wondering if anyone has used this before, and what your thoughts are on it? I would like better handling from my car, but at the moment I don't want to spend much more than it would cost to set it up stock. Mainly I don't have the money for the fancy suspension set ups at this time. I am doing the shelby drop already. So would it be worth spending money on this, and which combination would would best for a street driven car that like to visit the autoX and drag track once in awhile? A little bit of a rough ride does not scare me.

    Link to the kit:
  2. For $879+, it doesn't do anything for upper control arm shafts/bushings, upper ball joints, lower control arms/ball joints tie rod ends, idler arm and strut rod bushings. You need to plan on and budget for ALL of these items, although if you can afford to take it all apart before ordering, you may get lucky on a few of these parts. Personally, if I were in your shoes, Iwould seriously consider what they list here as the "New Kit":

    I would then add to it with front and rear springs of my choice, tie rod ends, idler arm and roller spring perches. When all is said and done, you will have upgraded your suspension, significantly, and EVERYTHING will be NEW, for considerably less $$$ than buying the Mustangs Plus kit and adding the parts I first listed, just to stay OEM style. Going your way with the Mustang Plus stuff you will likely be in the $1250-$1500 range when all done, where as my way you'll come in about $1000 or less.
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  3. if you are not in a hurry. just plan what you need/want to replace and look on ebay. you will save some money.
  4. At this moment my car has nothing but spindles and 9" that still needs to be shortened. The old parts that were on it when I started restoring where ripped off the car by hand because of how rusty they were, so I'm starting right from the beginning. I am liking that kit though. any recommendations for sway bars and springs?
  5. P.S. I would also like to know if removing the strut rod brackets might hinder later modification to different type of suspensions?
  6. Just get the upper and lower A arms complete. I would agree with the Shelby drop. Also the roller perches are worth the money. 1" sway bar is fine. With poly links and bushings. Rear springs are going to control ride quality so you have to choose wisely. Use heavy duty rear shackles with poly bushings. This really helps keep the rear in place left to right when cornering. I personally like the 4 1/2 mid eye spring with KYB Gas shocks. If the ride is to stiff you can soften with different shocks. Replace the tie rods and don't for get an export brace as a minimum. You will most likely have to spread the front shock towers to get it in and the bolts to line up. This will get you a great street car that will hold its own on the twistys