My 1994 GT Mustang Aode to T5 Conversion w/PICS!

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  1. Sorry to dig up a old thread but this is the best and most complete write up of AODE to T5 anywhere on the internet. I have been searching ages for all this info and found lots of other stuff for AOD to T5 but nothing nearly this detailed for AODE specifically.

    My big question i've been trying to find the answer for: Did you re-use your AODE tranny harness or did you get a used T5 harness? I know they are different, but I think I only need to use the reverse light switch and the VSS sensor, and if i had a pinout of each one, I could re-pin my AODE or splice it easily to make it work.

    I've been searching for a T5 harness for a long time with no success, its the only piece im missing for the swap, so a re-pin seems to be my only option which is fine, just need to confirm all the info to do it. Anyway...thanks for all this info and if you could just explain how you wired it that would be awesome.
  2. Well, for your question, yes you can use the AODE harness. The VSS plugs right in and works like normal. There are 2 wires from the shifter position sensor (MLPS?) that you jump together so the car will start and the two that are left you can hook to the reverse switch in any order.

    But I do have a 5 speed harness and will PM you the details if you're interested in it.
  3. Good documentation. I did the same on my fox a while back.

    One note about the computer though. This applies to fox mustangs but I thought it might apply to the sn95 5.0 as well. The neutral sensing circuit on the fox mustangs is routed through the o2 harness, but ford in its infinite wisdom did the pinouts different on the aod and t5 cars. So what should be a ground on the t5 eec now sees voltage and messes with the computer...sometimes fatally. Also, the aod fox cars do not have the nss plug harness for the plug on top of the t5.

    As a result, in an aod car, if you want to run the 5spd computer, you need to swap the o2 harness to a 5 spd harness and also change out the tran harness to one for a 5spd to gain the plug for the nss on top of the t5...otherwise you'll have a code 67 and unable to pull koer codes (unless you jump the pins on the eec). So most guys stick with the aod computer which is preferred because it doesn't pull timing.

    Like i said before, the above applies to fox cars, but I bring this up because you did toss the 5spd comp in without any wiring changes? So, is the sn95 wired differently? Is the o2 harness the same between aod and t5? I am asking for my own general knowledge.

    I did my fox keeping the aod computer because I don't yet have the correct o2 and trans harness. When I do though, I will swap to a 5 spd comp.
  4. On all the 5.0's I've ever owned Fox and 94/95s, the O2 sensor plugs weren't on the same harness as the trans harness. I do know in 96 when the Mustang V8's went to OBD II the harnesses did have the rear O2 plugs.

    The 94/95's are all plug and play when it comes to transmission harnesses. You simply plug in the 5 speed harness and go. And when I converted my fox's I always cut the AOD plug off and jumped 2 wires and ran the other two to the reverse light switch. the VSS plug was also the same between AOD's and T5's as it is for AODE's and T5's.
  5. They are not, but ford sends the nss circuit through the o2 harness separately from the trans harness for some reason. The pinout is different on aod and t5 cars and using a manual eec with the fox cars with an aod o2 harness can potentially fry the eec.

    Good thread explaining the least on 86-93 cars
  6. Ahh, well that explains it. I never bothered with the extra expense of a 5 speed computer when I converted Fox's over when the automatic unit did just fine.
  7. Probably the wrong place to post, but can a T5 out of a foxbody work with a carbed engine? Would the computer even be necessarily then? I'm assuming the T5 isn't using anything with a computer, it just helps with the EFI to throw more fuel at the engine, due to a carb, it's no longer needed?

  8. The T5 doesn't care weather the car is carbed or not, just ask any 85 Fox Mustang!

    The computer controls AODE transmissions and pulls timing/fuel between shifts to soften them. SN95 cars with T5's pull timing when the throttle blade is closed and then opened to also attempt to "soften" the shifts for warranty reasons. It really turns our 5.0's into slugs compared to 87-93 stangs.
  9. hey, do you still have your stock AODE shifter? if so, i'd love to score it from you if possible

    let me know
  10. I saw your post about it and I know I have it, but I couldn't find it when I looked yesterday. I'll look a little harder today and let you know.
  11. Mr NotA4.6 im new to this site but would really like to ask you couple of question about the swap for the 94 using fox parts. Thanks Richard.....
  12. One thing I don't understand here, do I need a new flywheel or will I be reusing my existing flywheel from the AODE?
  13. lol, that's a good one.
  14. Any information on what gets done with the wiring or anything like that?
  15. I used a 5 speed harness and it plugged right in. The automatic harness can be used but has to be modified. It has 4 wires on it that go to a connector. That connector doesn't exist on the 5 speed so you simply cut the connector off, and two wires go to the back up light switch (in no particular order) and the other 2 just get jumped together as they are for the neutral safety mechanism in the AODE. I'm not sure which colors do what at the moment, but if you search around you will find the color codes to those 4 wires.
  16. FWIW, I've posted the wire colors that get jumped in the past (if searching for posts about it). Red/lt blue and white/pink might be the two but look it up and test with a meter to be sure.

    The back-up switch wire colors on your AODE harness should be purple/orange and black/pink IIRC. Again, look it up and test with a meter to be sure.

    Tangent to another point made elsewhere: the pulled timing comes from sensory input [the TPS, et al], not the clutch pedal position.
  17. Thank you. After a bit of googling, I found this:

    Figured I'd post it here for anyone else.