My Cobra vs. z28!!!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by droptopsnake01, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. I am amazed at the lack of intelligence and the perpetual crap dished out at the 03/04 Cobra or any Cobra for that matter.

    You know what they say about being on top..............

    someone always trying to knock you down. :cool:
  2. :stupid:

  3. yeah and blow your motor with that 11:1 copression ratio and weak ass bottom end not to mention that 10bolt rear thats made of glass :D

  4. i used to own a 6speed LT1 car and i did quite a bit of mods to it. they pull no doubt about it, but they are extemely tricky to SC with out a build and a seriously reduced CR for anything over 6psi. you can do a pulley swap on a cobra and get 400+rwhp. cant do that to a stock fbody my me.
  5. I sense a lot of tension here.........go drink some eggnog and relax Griswold.
  6. hahahah , theres a reason why you dont see ls1's with superchargers! hahahah
    excuses excuses, the mustang is on top and that is forever!, maybe gm will give u guys and 12L v8 hahaha
  7. Well i never said i was going to put a SC on my car and im not arguing that it would be extremely hard to do, it would but with the right mods and tires it could be as fast as an 03 cobra. Yea i guess that excuse of you all having a SC on your car will always arise in these conversations but what was FORDS intention when they decided to supercharge their cars :shrug: it was to put it on to outrun GM cars because you all have to agree that they werent doing it without one.
  8. I think their intention was to make a bada$$ car for the mustang enthusiast. having guys like you get their panties in a wad is just a nice bonus.
  9. You wonder why we dont like people like you... Have you noticed the name of this forum??

    With the money that I bought my car w/ and the mods I've done to it I'm sure I could have bought an Ls1 and it would be on very fast car. But maybe I dont like them. Ever think of that??

    To put it plain and simple I just do not like Camaros/TA's.

    I actually somewhat like how they look outside w/ aftermarket rims/lowered but the interior is crap, its as long as a boat, the dash is like 3 feet long etc....

    I just like mustangs.

    You can keep arguing about this if this mod than that mod etc..
    There is always someone faster than you.

    I'm just not scared to lose so I'm gonna talk junk, its part of racing. So get over it. :D
  10. Your exactly right this is exactly why Stangs and Fbody's dont get along because of comparison things like this but owell. I could honestly care less if you dont like camaros and trans ams, i never asked you what you liked in the first place :shrug: who cares? Ever think of that? Im not getting my panties in a wad, i love the 03 Cobras i just dont like some of the people that drive them.

    I just like Trans ams and Camaros

    BTW: droptopsnake01, Talk all the crap you want i dont care and no one said you have to be scared of anything but remember what you said theres always someone out there faster than you

    One more thing droptopsnake01 if im not mistaken that little saying you have at the bottom was written by an FBODY owner not a STANG owner, so you might wanna take that off :nice:
  11. I think your just tired of getting smacked down by cobras.

    And let me tell ya it dosn't take a supercharger to win!

    Also, I guess in order for us to have any kind of quote we must have thought of it??

    And how would you know who it came from? Was it you that wrote it?

    All your doing is just tryin to hate.

    You should just buy a Cobra :nice:

  12. the reason ford doesnt mind putting SCers in their cars from the factory, is b/c they have the balls to make a motor w/ extremely high quality and durable internals (see 03/04 Cobra). the new Machs arent SC and are only 4.6's and geared run LOW 13's just like an LS1. so to me, your argument is moot.
  13. BTW: droptopsnake01, what do you run in the 1/4 mile? i am curious since i'll probably run a similar time when i finish bolt ons and suspension.
  14. Well droptopsnake im not hating i told you i like Cobras just not someone the stuck up people that drive them. Yes Mach 1 are fast ans yes there only 4.6s but their DOHC which theres nothing wrong with it but take that and the shaker hood away and what do you have? another TURD GT, but yes they are fast my friend has a stock 2004 MACH and ive rode in it i love it but he wont ever race a Trans am because he scared he'll get beat. Ive never been beat by a Cobra ive never seen an 03 around which i know would beat me but all the 93-01 ive never had a problem handing them their ass.

    BTW: droptopsnake the person wgo wrote that was Cullan Hooley which owned a Trans am, i found that info on an FBODY website.

  15. i'm not sure what difference the shaker hood makes. and you say 'take away the DOHC and its just a GT' interesting logic there... how bout take the LS6 intake off the Z06? how about put a 347 Stroker against an LT1. that more fair? its a hard argument you are trying to make b/c the new Cobras were built for an SC. the LS1/LS6's were not. maybe thats why GM keeps increasing dispacement and keeps cast internals. yes?
  16. Well i guess if you wanna compare GM in general we might as well compare FORDS best to GMs best which would be the new LS2 corvette and not to mention the new ZO6 against the 03 Cobra. Well i guess GM is doing a good job with just increasing the displacement because the corvettes are still as fast or faster than the Cobras. Just remember theres no replacement for displacement, well unless your Ford and have to add a SC because your tired of being slapped around.

    BTW if im right the shaker hood is providing the engine with more air just like a ram air hood am i right? which more air means more power, thats the difference the shaker hood makes BensBAcobra.
  17. BensBACobra- I have acually never been to the track yet. Not one really close here and I have to work/school full time. And it was in the shop all the time getting stuff done.

    But, my friend has a lightning w/ and intake and boost bypass and he ran a 8.6 in the 1/8. And everytime we race I have 2.5 cars on him by the end of third. So I'm hoping for good #'s.

    I'm done w/ this argument.

    Hey guys have you seen a Camaro for sale lately an 03/04 model?? Oh thats right there gone!

    Hey arn't mustang still selling... I'm sure fords mad now w/ getting "slapped".

  18. the shaker hood is functional in the sense that it has an open inlet into the intake vs. fake scoops that grace the hoods of mustangs and LT1 cars. however, i seriously doubt it offers any real performance advantage. this debate has been around sense chevy introduced the "cowl induction"-more gimmick than breakthrough. your point about dispacement is noted, however, you started comparing Fbodies to cobras, not corvettes, so you kinda fell off the rails of your own argument. and lets remember that a brand new Z06 retails for about 50,000 out the door, and a new 04 cobra that would run "close" to it retails for nearly $20,000 less. you could spend a small fraction of the difference on the Cobra and embarrass a vette.
  19. Ok you guys win, im tired of arguing with people who are gods gift to world because they drive Cobras, woohoo!!

    O yea have any of you guys seen a mustang today? sure you have everybody and their mom has one, there as common as a cold but thats ok because you guys have superchargers so yours is better than everyone elses right? :D Wrong! not matter what your stang has done to it or what it looks like i gurantee you theres thousands of other stangs that look just like it, but i guess if you want to fit in with the rest of the world buy a mustang, im mean everybodys got them :D
  20. I don't want to get in the middle of this too much but I do want to make a few comments.

    1.) Mustangs everywhere - The reason Mustangs are so "common" and "a dime a dozen" is because of the prodcution numbers. There were far more Mustangs sold than F-Bodies. They just sold better so more were made, period.

    2.) I'm getting sick of the whole "if this" and "if that" with SC's. The LT1 and LS1 were made high compression which makes them bad for forced induction (stock) however they respond to heads/cam way better than the Ford engines. On the other side, it's easy to slap a SC on the 5.0 or 4.6 and not break everything. It's apples and oranges.

    These arguments aren't going anywhere. No one is ever going to win. Too many different setups to be "better" that the next. Too many pros and cons on both sides.

    The Ford and GM people should all just kiss and make up. Then we can all go bash on the import guys :p LOL. Ok, I'm done ranting.