1. I live in sanford florida and work in lake mary florida. I was leaving work at about 11:30 a couple nights ago and the way it works is I have to do a u turn on rinehart road or wait for the light and that takes forever. I was doing my u turn and the cop was at the light. If you know anything about lake mary you know there is a lot of money floating around. I still cant seem to find the kid with the skyline when I am in my mustang only when I am in my truck. but anyway. The cop was in his M3 with the body kit and his 20's. When I fish tailed it around the corner. he immediatly came after me but not with his lights on he kept stoping at the light next to me and hauling ass on green, I am a little suspicious, after seeing the undercover 2006 mustang GT and 2005 GTO pull people over so I didn't race him. Not that I would street race anyway, I am just glad I didn't decide to blow him off of the highway, because the nitrous just happened to be on at the time. And on that note street racers give decient car guys a bad name. Do what you want to do but dont associate yourself with me. So finally he hauls ass past me and slows down in the turn lane and waits for me. at the next redlight he pulls me over and gets my license and registration and takes it back to his car, HAHAHAHAHAHA it was clean and I knew it. He has his bullet proof vest on and everything. He comes back and says THANKS. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ****. THANKS FOR NOT RACING HIM.Then as he is blabbering on the sprinklers come on and soak him. IT WAS FREAKING GREAT. He threw my stuff at me and hauls ass back to his car.
  2. lol

    sounds kinda fun to be the cop actually
  3. thanks for not racing him? hi, entrapment.
  4. Entrapment, not exactly. Entrapment is actually making you participate into a event that you would not normally do. If these cops are rolling around in umarked M3's, GTO's and Stangs in uniform, then I think that there is a problem that they are trying to address in that particular area.
  5. sounds like you live in the video game Need For Speed... lol
  6. uhm he was trying to get him to race. how is that NOT entrapment? he was provoking him into an event in which he would otherwise not engage in. it is against the law.
  7. Dude, don't go around telling people these things. They like not knowing so they can complain about nothing.:D

    Hey, he didn't give you a ticket, what the hell else do you want?

    If he gave you a ticket, you'd be complaining about that.
    If some ricer was driving around racing everyone and swerving in and out of traffic, you'd complain that the cops don't pro-actively patrol the streets.

    What compromis would make you happy? Enforce the laws, but not to you?

    People in the Orlando Area drive like ****. I'd only be complaining if the cops WEREN'T trying to do anything about it.
  8. Cops ask drug-addicts to buy drugs...

    A good lawyer could make a good argument one way or the other, and THAT'S the only deciding factor.
  9. so you're trying to tell me if the police officer instigated the race and actually raced you, then proceeded to pull you over and give you a ticket for street racing it wouldn't be considered entrapment?

    dont try to compare drugs with street racing. apples to oranges
  10. quote
    "uhm he was trying to get him to race. how is that NOT entrapment? he was provoking him into an event in which he would otherwise not engage in. it is against the law".

    But he did not race him, correct. Apples to oranges or not, if a cop walks up to a drug dealer and asks to buy crack, and the dealer sells him crack, that s a crime and not entrapment. What is the dealers defense " I normally dont sell crack , but I just happened to have some extra on me a that time, and the rent was due so..... Get the concept.


    "Dude, don't go around telling people these things. They like not knowing so they can complain about nothing."

    Couldnt have said it better myself. :D
  11. lol...you're right, one is an object, and the other is an action.

    But as Thirsty1101 pointed out, the tactics used to enforce the laws against both crimes can be the same.
  12. Ricer kids who street race and/or drive like fuggin' retards are ... well, retards; similarly, cops that use confiscated cars (or vehicles they've purchased/upgraded with TAXPAYER MONEY) to go cruise around and egg folks on into racing are macho gung-ho punks. It's a screwed-up means of trying to stop street racing. Think about it: if the act of street racing, in and of itself, is the thing they're trying to STOP, then how are they stopping it if they're INSTIGATING it?

    Let's say some cop does something like the above detailed routine, being an obnoxious butthole and trying to get a guy to race him ... okay, so then the dude (against his better judgement) goes ahead and races him. They both take off from a stoplight, haul ass to about 60 MPH ... and then someone pulls out of a parking lot or a side street in front of them. The resultant impact kills and/or maims a person or two. Who's to blame? "Oh, we were fighting crime. We were trying to stop street racing," they would say in a press release. BULL. They instigated the event; thus, they are responsible for the outcome. Give it time, something like this will happen someplace sooner or later ... or maybe it already has, and the media just hasn't gotten wind of it to blow it all wayyyyy out of proportion and turn it into some giant scandal.

    Anyway. Reiterating my point: street racers are punks, and so are the cops that imitate them in trying to stop them. Screw 'em both.

    gtcobra302: Good for you for not taking the bait. :nice:
  13. Dont these boners have anything better to do. Like deport illegal aliens or break up trailerpark meth labs, that would do some real good to the community. Streetracing? Please. Anybody with half a brain knows its chicken**** compared to what really needs law enforcement's attention. I hate cops, incompetent morons.

  14. Unfortunatly Florida has no entrapment laws
  15. i dunno about where yall are from but ive always heard around here that if an unmarked car pulls up next to you and instigates a race (i.e. revs or hops at you) they CAN pull you over as long as they dont actually race you...the way ive always been told was its only entrapment if they actually carry out the act of racing you and then try to pull you over
  16. You sound like a moron yourself.:nice:

    I know every time I've ridden with a cop, it was the patrolman's job to raid methlabs and enforce our immigration laws. :rolleyes:

    Let's not forget the fact that the lowly, unappreciated patrolmen don't get paid nearly enough for what they do, and they don't get to pick their jobs.
  17. The cops actually participate around here :shrug:
  18. It's not entrapment. Entrapment is where the police put the subject in a position where he has little choice except to commit a crime -- threatens him, puts a gun to his head, blackmails him, etc.. A driver can choose to street race, or not to street race. A person can choose to sell drugs, or not to sell drugs. The officer wasn't FORCING him to street race. GTcobra302 chose to not race him. If he had chosen to race him he would have been breaking the law under his own free will.

    It's more like like comparing Red Delicious to Granny Smiths. Selling drugs and street racing are both illegal activities.

    Sounds like you're getting legal advice from street racers (bad idea). Some of them think that the use of unmarked cars for traffic enforcement is "entrapment". A DEA agent can buy drugs from a dealer (normally, an illegal act) in order to make an arrest, but it's not entrapment.

    Of course that doesn't mean that the local police don't have a policy against their officers actually participating in a race, which is quite possible since it would expose them to liability in the event of a crash.
  19. Here's a question then... if a guy is trying to race you, and you roll down the window and ask him if he's a cop, and he says "NO" (but really is a cop), is that entrapment? Because you're doing something you wouldnt normally do :p (i.e. race a police officer).
  20. I dont think that the unmarked would have a balls out race with anyone, then arrest them for street racing. Just the contributing factors of revving engines, the old "on three", power braking, spooling up, etc.. would be enough to articulate that the target was about to engage in illegal street racing. Now, if the cop did race the guy and smash into a car and kill a innocent motorist, then I agree that he would be up sh*it's creek. And so would his superior, the district attorney and every lobbyist that pushed for this type of enforcement. But thats what happens everday in street racing isnt it? Two a-holes pull up to a light and next thing you know they are hitting 115 mph. Then a minivan pulls out of a ice cream stand with a mother and three kids and gets split in half. Oh but wait, the cops were on the Arizona border chasing after illegal immigrants. Or even better, they were deep in Columbia burning cocaine plants while emergency technicians and the coroner are picking up the many remains of your once wife and three kids off of the highway. Oh yeah, but you were working late because you had to pay your taxes so cops could supe up their cars. Dumbass.

    Excuse the rant, but well deserved.

    Maybe this thread was "entrapment"