1. im no law expert but that's how it's been explained to me before. the officer would be engaging in an illegal act (street racing) IF he actually raced. i didnt mean if the officer just sat there revving his engine and then pulled the guy over after he took off like a bat out of hell. i was thinking more along the lines of both were sitting at the light revving and both took off tires blazing and after both cars shut down, the officer pulls him over. what could be done then?

    im not trying to be a know it all, but im just curious now :shrug:
  2. Nice try couselor. :nice:

    Sorry, it's not entrapment. Police are allowed to use deceit. Consider prostitution and drug stings as examples. Only the criminals think that they are the only ones allowed to be deceptive. And it's still illegal to street race, whether you think the other racer is a cop or not.

    If it's any consolation... Once you're arrested the police are NOT allowed to promise you any compensation or favors in order to induce you to give up your rights, whether the promise is genuine or not.
  3. LOL...since this thread has turned into legal-mythbusters...they're not allowed to hit you either, even though you saw it in The Usual Suspects. :rlaugh:
  4. I'm no legal expert either (I took just enough law courses to make me dangerous :D ). These are just general, legal principles . Their may be some contradicting case law out their to support individual cases though. It just that "cops can't engage in street racing in order to enforce street racing" sounds like policy rather than something a legislature would enact a law for. If it did happen, the officer might get a reprimand in his file, or an "unpaid vacation" for violating the policy, but, unfortunately, you'd still lose your license. Another general, legal principle: Someone elses bad deeds are not a legal defense for yours... unless that misdeed happens to be entrapment, of course.:D
  5. Q: How many Chicago police officers does it take to push a suspect down the stairs?

    A: None. "He just fell."

    (A Chicago PD detective told me that one.)
  6. Hmmm, let me tell you a story. Here in E-burg, specifically near campus where I reside, there are FOUR law enforcement agencies that "patrol" the area: CWU police, E-burg PD, State'rs, and Sherrifs. Yet, somehow, in this microscopic college town, TWENTY FOUR vehicles were hit by vandals in one night last fall, mine one of them. Guess what? None of them (pigs) saw anything, surprise surprise. Maybe its becuase they're at Starbucks 8 hours a day. The ******* cop that took my statement had the audacity to blame the recent explosion of crime on the 'sudden population growth' exceeding public policy's ability to hire more officers. It doesnt require the penetrating insight of a mathematician to come to the conclusion that that is the lamest excuse for the sorry-ass performance of the pigs around here. The very least he could have said is the truth, "Yeah, we don't really give a **** about the hundreds of cars that get vandalized every year in this tiny little ****hole town, so piss off ya little punk, its time for my 20th break of the day and another latte. See ya next time." Unnapreciated? Hell yes. Overpaid? Thats an overstatement.
  7. Didnt happen to be goosey night did it? Sucks to be you.
  8. Sounds like the break-in couldn't have happened to a nicer person.:nice:
  9. This is the part you guys arguing for entrapment are missing. He did somthing to bring the cop to him.
  10. This is why this whole thread makes no sense. What are we supposed to have learned? A cop pulled him over for fishtailing, but let him off. :shrug:

    Those A-HOLES!!!
  11. College kids....Hey vikingpower, you hate all cops and police in america because some retard like you broke your poor little window in your car. And there should have been an officer posted 24 hours a day to catch the retard who did it. With your attitude no wonder the officer that responded did not want to talk to you any longer than he did......this thread was not to bad until the retards start showing up.
  12. Actually, I'm no "college kid" at 26 yrs old. I make my own road and pay my own way. I have to admit, it is hard to communicate with people of average intelligence at times... but to say I deserve to get my car F'd with, thats just not right, and its certainly not what any true, red-blooded, hard working American would say to another. EXCUSE ME if I don't have any patience for lazy, overpaid slugs that sit around and do no good in my community.
  13. Looking at your location, I just have to say your community just sucks in general.:D

    I just think it's ridiculous that you think you have the right to criticize the way someone does their job, even though you have NO idea what they actually do.
    Maybe they can't be where they need to be because dumbasses keep setting off their house alarms and they have to show up for those. Maybe they were out looking for ALREADY stolen cars where they usually find them instead of trying to predict WHERE cars will be stolen from. You have no idea...yet you have an opinion?:nonono:

    Like SRT said, we can only assume what was said between you and the officer taking the report because we're only hearing your side of the story. But if your attitude in this thread is any indication of how you acted towards the officer, I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to be around you and help you out.

    Maybe his assumption should tell you something about your self-presentation.

    Well, this crap's gonna happen to some poor bastard. Might as well be someone with your attitude towards LEO's.
  14. What's more amazing is that he expects the theives to do it in front of the cops.


    One time I was inside a copcar for 12 hours straight and didn't see a single person run a redlight the whole time. This is in Orlando!!! I bet I could go to the closest stoplight right now and see it within 2 minutes if there's no cop around.
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Thats because you have below average intelligence, and the rest of us are laughing at you:D
  16. Hey, I can understand why they dont care. We are, for the most part, a bunch of spoiled teenagers and mommy and daddy will pay for everything. But I am not. And when the city officer looks at me straight in the face whilst taking the report and says "there's nothing we can do about this type of activity", I am going to get pretty infuriated, because he is implying that I should not put faith in them to protect me and my property. It is their job to do something about it. Campus police had the same attitude when I interviewed them soon after. A little shrug of the shoulders and a "Sorry, there's nothing we can do, it happens every quarter, usually after break". Just a little effort on their behalf is too much it seems.
  17. LOL...it's a life lesson; life sucks, suck it up and get over it.

    My friend had an expensive camera stolen. The cop took the report and told him the same thing. But my friend didn't get mad. It's pretty much common sense that some crimes are not worth the resources required to solve them. They take the SN# and hope it shows up at some pawn shop, but it more than likely won't. What else would you want them to do?:shrug:
  18. Yeah, well, this place is so small you can hear a mouse fart clear on the other side of town. If this happened in Seattle, where I used to live, I could understand that (response) happening. Those guys actually draw their guns on a regular basis; I was downtown when that palestinian guy shot up the Jewish building last summer. But here, the only crimes are DUI's and car theft/vandalism.
  19. This happens over and over and over, year in and year out. Nothing changes, thieves know they can come over here and act like kids in a candy store.