1. entrapment was a good movie :D
  2. hey , I really wasn't trying to start a fight I just thought it was a cool story to share with the community. I happen to be 21 and in college myself and it sucks that you car got ****ed up.
  3. Catherine Zeta-Jones in a skin-tight body suit...

  4. As the son of a 38 year police veteran and about 1 step away from being one myself, I can tell you that vandalism is loooowww on their priority list. These men and women put their lives in danger everyday for people who hate them, call them pigs, donut jokes, every other insult that we all know about and yet they still put that uniform on for that one time that they can actually make a difference. The police in my area sucks too, especially around TGving to Christmas, and when they do the seat belt campaign. It seems they're more worried about handing out seat belt tickets than stopping all the NASCAR wanna be's on the freaking interstate doing 90-100 mph. But the irony is after all the cussing and ragging on the cops is done, something happens and then they're wanted. As far as entrapment, the point is he didn't MAKE you do anything. You do something of your own free will that's illegal, regardless whether or not he revs at you, rides your bumper, anything, you still did the crime. You didn't bite on the invite, good for you. Apparently he's had other's bite hard. But he had reason to pull you for the fishtail which is careless and reckless. We need to put ourselves in their job for awhile. Imagine the possibility of dying for someone you've never met before and never would otherwise but they're talking trash about you until they need you and then you can't get there soon enough. It's a thankless job and yes, they are underpaid. I doubt many people could stand that job because they don't know what's involved, which is more than a ticket book.
  5. :drool:
  6. Yeah this thread blows ass..
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