My dyno results!

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  1. unfortunately they are 275/45/17 but i got them for a great price with the rims so i had to take them because i needed them desperately at the time (was going to the track and my street tires were worn down pretty bad and didnt want to run them). i plan to get some different ones soon maybe.

    i dont have a date set for bg yet.. ill let you know after the gear install though :)
  2. :D
  3. Arent you excited, heh heh ;) :p
  4. From

    2003 FORD MUSTANG GT 4.6L Fuel Injected V8 Vin:X

    Select Part Number Description Buyers Guide
    FUEL INJECTOR CM-5041 [Fuel injector] (SOHC) F0TE-D9B

    Which is a bosch D9B-22lb

    And they are pink...
  5. Heck yea he is...he is meeting a chick that drag races and modifies her mustang. :banana: You dont come accross a girl like that everyday. :p
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  7. Well your just gonna have to teach him a lesson then huh? ....Dont worry, he will probably start in 2nd to let you win....if he doesnt then bust out with the :chair: .
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  9. err, back from the dead again? :shrug: :rlaugh:
  10. Is Scott still running InTune? Its been about 3 years and 2 cars since ive last been up there, is he still a Chipmaster Revolution Dealer?
  11. im late on this, but damn your numbers are high with your mods. :nice:

    your putting down what i am, and look at my mods.

    i did just order l/t today. i batter gain some damn hp and tq.
  12. I'm excited to see what numbers you get with those LTs in!

    Since I did those mods I've added the 4.10 gears and some Steeda U/D pulleys.. that's all :( I'm saving for a mongoose I guess
  13. Those numbers seem too high to me. 270 rwhp with full exhaust, plenum combo, tune, and pulleys????
  14. 03-04 gt's have 21 lb injectors
    99-02 have 19 lb injectors
    99/01 cobra have 24 lb injectors
  15. we're talking SLP creamic long tube headers, SLP short o/r x-pipe, steeda cat-back, steeda cai, accufab 75mm tb and plenum, and then the sct xcal2 tune which I gained 13 rwhp and 22 rwtq from alone.