My Fox(es) In Surgery - Starting To Look Like A Car?

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  1. Don't think I told you guys about this.
    About a month ago I woke up early to go to a car show. For the first time in 5 years I forgot to put the hood pins on and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hood came up. Crushed the cowl and did some danmage to the hood.

    As I totally suck on body work, took the car to a budd's shop for them to repair the cowl, hood, and repaint. So........ when they removed the fenders that is when the fun started. Seems the prior owner did some half assed windshield repacement and it has been leaking for years, causing a lot of rust. They also decided bondo was the preferred method of repairing rust and cracks.. Needless to say I was more than a little shocked as this was a one owner low mile car and showed zero signs of this kind of rot...

    So anyway, the rust and rot is being fixed, thebody parts primed, painted, parts undercoated. and the car will look like new again. A lot of stress and haggling Grundy athey are being great about this.

    Luckily i found a used cowl in a junkyard car .

    Guess it is actually a good thing this happened and the rust being taken care of before got to the point of totalling the car.

    Enjoy the carnage pictures.

    20171104_100329.jpg 20171104_100359.jpg 20171104_100405.jpg 20171120_173026.jpg 20171120_172900.jpg 24991546_10208857427228037_2351583878760624918_n.jpg 24862631_10208857429268088_7522558678637896005_n.jpg
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  2. the horror,,,, the horror

    24852276_10208857428068058_5256333750182503424_n.jpg 24862319_1592559870767351_8855634682934073168_n.jpg 24862410_1592549004101771_5160469391382715272_n.jpg 24862666_1592560507433954_6501247468417242445_n.jpg 24900052_10208857428268063_2886547949447664047_n.jpg 24991247_10208857428708074_7722140999341119523_n.jpg 24993320_1592559987434006_1486657953168836640_n.jpg 25152430_1592549240768414_4683030511752322405_n.jpg 25158068_10208857426908029_239049338836162625_n.jpg 25158205_10208857427708049_2406914068374656309_n.jpg
  3. Friggin eh, you just never know what's lurking down under no matter how nice the outside is.
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  4. That rust is a shame. Good thing you found it now before it got worse.

    I'm seeing rust issues more and more in the A pillar area of our cars. We used to just have to check strut towers and these cars are at the age where we have to keep our eyes open for this stuff too.
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  5. I’m glad to see they’re getting after it. Did you find a salvage hinge/windshield pillar too?

    Does the rot extend into the upper firewall as well?
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  6. That’s a beautiful car. Hard to believe it looked bad in there. But, if it was dry, you probably never would have known anyway.
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  7. :eek:

    Very surprised by that rust. Wow! Good luck on the fixes Mike. Glad you found it now rather than later.
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  8. Have them check behind the area where the door hinges are... Been seeing allot of nice cars crusty behind that area
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  9. Wow.

    I'm going to have to check my car out more closely now when I pull the bumper/fenders off to do my motor work
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  10. For your hood supports did you have to readjust your hood, thinking about getting some just heard it moves your hood so it’s not flush. Where did you get that cluster in your vents? Was that custom made or a prefab ordered somewhere? What kind of HPs you pushing?
  11. Damn, glad you are finding it before it got too bad. My car was originally from FL and that area was bad on my car too. The original owner let it sit next to a well water sprinkler in their apartment complex every morning and it rotted out behind the door hinge too. Looks like they are doing a great job, what a difficult repair!
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  12. All I can think about when I see the pictures of that guy working on your car is how clean your car "was" before the hood flew up. Now your car is sitting out in the rain with no hood and all those polished/chrome parts are getting weathered and lots of debris flying in to every nook and cranny of your engine. Put a friggin blanket over the engine while working on that beautiful car!!! They're not working on a Ford Contour for crying out loud!
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  13. no readjusting needed
    not sure what you mean about cluster for vents? If you mean the cowl gauge holder.:LMR sells it
    I'm around 450 rwhp
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  14. sooooo... Merry Frikking Christmas to me

    my buddy at the body shop is making good progress on the driver side..cut out all the rust, fabbed up new sheet metal, mocked up the replacement cowl

    So far so good right?


    . but....................... went over to the passenger side that had some bondo on it covering the inner frame for the fender and...........................

    picture of how the prior owner "repaired" the passenger side
    notice the bondo and the part cut into two pieces

    passenger 2.jpg

    let's pop off the one piece they BONDOED ON shall we? GREAT MORE FRIKKIN RUST
    passenger 4.jpg

    doesnt EVERYONE BONDO THE DAMN window pillar on?
    passenger side 3.jpg

    with all of the BONDO and patch pieces removed...HOLY CRAP

    passenger side 1.jpg

    So it is off to the junkyard to cut out a window pillar and the sheet metal and patch it in. I swear I want to go find the prior owner and kick him in the nuts.

    I keep telling myself that its a good thing the hood flew up in hindsight or this car would have been completely rusted out.
    Did I mention how much this sucks?
  15. Ah JEEZ Mike, that sucks so bad!

    I'm sorry brother, damn.

    Good luck on the parts search. If it gets desperate, let me know. I could probably find something for you. Just got to overcome the 1800 mile barrier will be all.
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  16. Whatbin the holy hell? What was actually holding that windshield up? The glass?
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  17. Holy crap man, that is crazy!
  18. I has sads after seeing that, glad you are fixing it up.
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  19. Just to think.....I junked my favorite car ever for less rust than that.

    Makes me feel a little bad for letting her go. I actually watched the crusher smash her...surprising how well the roll cage held up at first.:cry:

    Glad your in it to win it.

    That rust looks scary.....but imagine if you hadn't found it. That car was a rolling death trap. At least, its in an area that won't really be seen.
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  20. My stomach hurts just reading this post. Hope that’s the end of the surprises
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