My "NEW" Stang Complete! What do you think!?

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  1. Risingforce,

    I didnt pay 20k over. I paid MSRP i wouldnt have been able to pay for it if i did. You can find a deal for MSRP out there if you started a year ago like i did. I know why you put the parts on and you did a good job if i dint get mine i might have done the same its with the Badges.

    I know for a fact if you guys saw a Honda with with fack Vtech or nos stickers on it you would call them on it, well your doing the same thing they are.

    But i do like your car you did a good job on it..


    When you biuld your daytona or cobra are you going to put the 427 badge on the side if you have a 302 in it? i think not!!!
  2. I say let's clone the heck out of them so dealers will be begging us to buy the "real" things. If it looks good and breaks no laws, then it feels good too. Right on.
  3. NO SIR!!!!!!!!!! Mine wouldn't have ANY badges period!!!!! It won't have to...:nice:

  4. It has nothing to do with how early you start lookin for one,,,,, you know why,,, cause I sold 2 of them where I work at,, I am the one who got the first info and ordering guide where I work,,,,, I am the one who put the orders in for the 2 customers who were willin to pay $20-$25K over sticker,,, and I couldnt see the dealer GM choosing me for MSRP over the $20K he made extra!
  5. I would have made it a GT-350. That would have been really different

    GT-500 = 5.4 S/C
    GT-350 = 4.6 S/C

    Then you could have pitched the idea to Ford marketing.
    Oops I just gave away my idea.

    Anyway its a nice ride regardless if its the real thing or not
    To each its own! All you need now are the rims.
  6. With a few simple mods, our GTs are already GT-350 worthy and then some. A 4.6 S/C is coming in at at least 400 HP. Mine now with just the WMS CAI/SCT custom tune and Flows has got to be in the neighborhood of 350 HP at the crank.