My possible rod knock *VID*

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  1. Hey Mario, how did the lifters and pushrods look? Also when you change your oil get a magnet and run it through the oil, were looking for any material that would point to bearings. what is your timing set at? hows the oil pressure? Give me a call lets go down the list and rule out some things.
  2. well i just fired her up with some old moroso tall valve covers with the tops cut out and it definitley NOT the rockers hitting the VC's.
  3. Any metal shavings in the oil?
  4. damn that sucks...
  5. Im going to do an oil change tomorrow to see but none on top at all.:mad:

  6. It may sound crazy but if you try it, it will work. my dad showed it to me when I was younger take a stick or straight rod and put one end on the oil pan and then put you ear to the other end while the car is running and if there is any noise in the bottom end you will be able to hear it through the stick. I know it sounds crazy but I have determined alot of sounds from my car with this, you can check
    alternator, water pump anyhting, you can actually hear the bearings spinning in an alternator. You may think I am crazy but just try it.
  7. Not crazy at all :nono:

    I'd bet I was doing that very thing before some of you were born :)

    Sometimes ... it pays to listen to ... Dear Ole Dad ;)

  8. Is it possible that its an exhuast leak where the headers meet the heads.???

    I had a tapping noise on my driver side valve cover and thought it was a lifter and then remembered that an exhuast leak sounds similar:nonono: So this morning I checked the exhuast bolts and some of them were loose so I tightened them down and no more tapping!:nice:
  9. Well I just took off the rockers again and gave them the inspector gadget check up...well one of the fulcrums is cracked, could this be my issue??
  10. I didn't read all the posts, but my motor sounded like that when my oil pump shaft broke. No oil.
  11. Ive heard of this happening... happened on my friends fox... it could be the issue that or your getting closer!
  12. You figure it out yet. I am in Anaheim and I am willing to lend a hand if need be.

    Did you measure the pushrod length you need, or did you just order stockers? When you pull the rocker off, where is the wear pattern on the valve. Also, Have you checked the dog bones and the spider retainer?
  13. As far as pushrods are concerned, they are FRPP stock lenght, GTR told me that 99% of the time with AFR heads you use the stock ones, theydidnt make noise for 1k, then when i changed the lifters (the spider had good tension and the dog bones looked OK) and when i put it back together i put in another brand new set of pushrods also and same noise but today i pulled the rockers again and found one broken fulcrum, your help would be very much appreciated if you can.

  14. There is oil going to the top though (I have valcovers with the tops cut out for this reason)
  15. Im sorry it's the pedestal stand thats cracked...the little pice in between the rocker and the pedestal
  16. I'll be back this weekend...PM me your number and I'll give you a call.
  17. Does the motor make the noise when you are cranking it without starting it?
  18. It definately sounds like a Rocker arm or a lifter to me. Definately not a rod knock.
  19. did you ever fix it?
  20. I put my money on bad pushrod, check both sides