Need Help On Motor Swap

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  1. Will a 1964 galaxy 390 fit into a 67 mustang? Shock towers ? Automatic is going in, the car is now just a six . Thanks Rick
  2. the heads will not work because of the exhaust manifold and the bolt pattern . you will need the GT heads .however you can drill and tap the pattern in your 64 heads
  3. the 390 fits the 67 and late mustangs like it was designed to go in there, because it was. horse sence is right though about the exhaust bolt pattern.
  5. Thanks for the info . What header will it need then to fit after drilling heads ? I'm a Pontiac guy , doin a mustang for the woman.
  6. i saw a guy try to put a galaxie 390 in a 67 fast back with the galaxie exhaust manifolds .it went almost all the way down and wedged solid .using the engine hoist he lifted the front of the car about 10 inches off the ground by the motor then him and a buddy jumped on the front of the car until they finally got it to let go:rlaugh:
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    last headers i used with a 390 was Hooker .they were not fun to install . they had to go in before the motor and then set the motor in place .they did fit very well.