New from South Carolina. Green SN95 5.0 5-speed

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  1. Hey guys. My name is Brandon. I grew up on Corvettes, first car was a 4.0 Ford Explorer 5-speed, moved into Toyota MR2's (first was a 1991 Turbo second was a 1988 N/A) and now I have purchased a 1995 Ford Mustang GT (5-speed). It's green with Bullitt wheels. AFAIK it only has Ford Racing headers, Ford Racing ignition wires and a K&N filter. I just added a Hurst shift handle but that's it so far.

    Problems: Driver window isn't working properly (this is something I'm accustomed to with the Explorer. I've fixed all 4 on the Explorer so I know what to do here), coolant temp reads very low (heat blows super hot so not thermostat. New temp sender is on order) odometer doesn't work (new odometer gear is on order) trunk doesn't stay up (holding off on ordering the gas struts for a little bit. Covering major things first) and bought a new upper radiator hose b/c the current one is bulging.

    So far I'm loving this car. It's a ton of fun to drive.



    And the shifter...

  2. welcome to the forum, hopefully all of your minor fixer upppers go as easy as they should and you don't run into any unforeseen problems
  3. Welcome.

    Go over to the 94-95 sticky in Tech. I wrote and article on changing the window lift motor bushings. Has instructions and pictures. If you're getting zero power then it's the motor itself.
  4. There is def power and the window motor does assist but it needs help to go all the way up and down. Its clearly thr bushings. the only thing that is iffy is the coolant temp reading low. The gauge reads right around the 'N' but usually just below and the car is running MEGA rich. ill check to make sure tthe O2 sensirs are functioning but im pretty sure its thinkimggb its so cold that it isnt even using the O2 sensors... Any thoughts/suggestions/links?

    edit: Sorry for the misspellings; still getting used to typing on my tablet...
  5. What part of south carolina?

    1993 camaroz28 supercharged
  6. Greenville. Almost downtown.
  7. Moar pix...




  8. Oh, update on the coolant temp sensor hypothesis...I checked and my fan does come on so that's a clear sign the ECU temp sensor is working correctly, right? I cleaned my MAF and it still seems to be running pretty rich. Next to check is the TPS and O2 sensors. It's got an intermittent CEL so I'll be checking the codes soon too.
  9. Post in the 94-95 section and we can help you with this stuff.
  10. Cool man. I just started a thread.
  11. Welcome! Nice ride you have there, let me know if I can help you with any mods. :)
  12. Thx
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  13. Thx. It still needs some attention but it's def a great starting point.
  14. I finally got under the car. Not only does it have Ford Racing headers but it has a nice H-pipe and Magnaflow mufflers (with turn-downs). The sound is VERY nice and quiet (like stock I think) at idle and low throttle but open her up and she has a sweet growl. It's PERFECT for me. I'm glad it has aftermarket mufflers and the h-pipe because I loved the sound but would have to open it up if it were stock. Love the exhaust setup. I don't care that it's bought and not built...I'll def be leaving the exhaust how it is unless I move to long-tubes (probably not gonna do that).

    I found some GT40P heads & intake at my local You-Pull-It junkyard. I didn't pick them up but they were plentiful so I'll def be snagging them later. Only cost $140 for both heads and the intake.