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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by MrBobMarley, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. hey man can you make one like this in sonic blue with the same white stripes, but can you move the fog lights back to the original spot? thanks
  2. looks good. There anrt many rims that I fall in love with on this car. The stockers(gt&v6) look pretty good IMO and I also like the bullits
  3. Lookin' sweet man. I'd love to see on in Mineral Grey with Charcoal BBS RK' spiler....that would be perfect for me. :nice:
  4. Do we know yet what the wheel size/offset is for the '05? I have a nice set of 18" OZ wheels I rather like, and I think they'd look good...

  5. Nice job! Getting good with the colors there mrbobmarley! The one on the gravel is the one I'm using to create eleanor. Finished the pics, but computer blowing me crap about no memory to save for the web to get the file sizes down. Even after I burned a bunch of CD's of old files and dumped them off the computer, purged the computer, de-fragged it, optimized it, still won't let me. But it lets me save for the web on old photoshop files. :confused: Sent jpegs to work, should be able to save for the web on machines there. My web site is full from old chops, guess I'll need to make a new site or be limited to attachments here. :( Just got eleanor done so far but will slowly add other models when time permits.
  6. I'm looking around for more wheels at the moment, I'll update soon. :)

    Vyto2, hey man just email them to me. I dont have a website or anything, but I DO have webspace. I'll put it up for ya until you get the bugs worked out. [email protected]
  7. I may take you up on that bob. I sent eleanor pics to work so I could save them for the web so they are small enough to upload the attachments. BTW, having trouble editting my attachments, can't seem to delete any old ones... :confused:
  8. Just go to page 1 in the link, there's a blue/white combo there.