New size tires for my '01 Cobra? Need opinions.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Ganton, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. I have the original 245/45x17 all around. The car has been lowered using Eibach Pro-Kit for the Cobra. Sits pretty level, but maybe "slightly" higher in front, like 1/4 in. or so. I was thinking of switching my tires to 255/40x17 in the front and 275/40x17 in the rear to give it a "slight rake," and maybe lessen the wheel well gap in front. What do you guys think of this?
  2. go for it.
  3. Any pics?

    Yeah, I'd like to do it, but I'd like to see some pics, side and maybe 3/4 angle from the front to see how they look before I do it. Anyone know of any pics of a '99 to '04 stang posted on this site. If so, gimme a like, thanx.

    P.S.- the standard 245/45x17s look pretty skinny and dinky on this car. No wonder SVT went with the 275s beginning '03.
  4. I run 255/40/17 front and 275/40/rear on my Cobra. There is about .7" difference in overall diameter between the two but that varies by manufacturer, mine are Kumho ECSTA Supra 712. It will also vary depending on your suspension. I like my setup, have had no problems. You just need to remember there is no way to rotate your tires when you mix sizes like this if the tires are unidirectional like allot are these days, like my Kumho's.

    Ya know I dont really have any good "side" shots so this will have to do.


  5. Nice Car!

    Good pic, SnakeCharmer! And, very nice lookin' machine! :nice:
  6. Try a 295 on the back and 255 on the front... The perfect set up! :nice:
  7. 295's will NOT fit on the stock wheels. 275's is pushing it.

    BTW: how the hell did CarrollShelby get un-banned?
  8. why would he get banned???

    Jeex, why would one of the greatest, if not The Greatest, performance car innovators of all time, Carroll Shelby, get banned from this forum? I cannot comprehend that.... :shrug:
  9. I didnt mention it above but I have 17x9 wheels, stock are 17x8. For safety reasons I personlly wouldnt run greater than 255 on stock wheels although many do.
  10. will 275s fit on the 17x8 stock wheels?

    Hey, will the 275 width tires even fit okay on the stock wheels (safety considerations aside--I'm an old guy and don't drive like a "bat outta hell" anyway: but neither do I drive like somebody's 80 yr. old grandma--just "moderately sporty," if you get my drift....)
  11. You'll get sidewall bulge with 275's on the 17 x 8s. I think it looks like crap but that's just me. I agree with TXSnakeCharmer about sticking with the 245s or 255s on stockers.

    And I assume you were kidding about CS. But if youwere not, just keep your eyes open and you'll see him post a fountain of BS. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and don't listen to a word he says.
  12. dude...he's not carrolshelby..he's a troll who was being stupid a few months ago and got banned
  13. Ganton,
    I have Kenny Brown sport springs with 2KR shocks and 03 struts installed with poly bushings.
  14. Oups!!! I didn't know... Well 275 is the best size for a 17x9, but you can put 245/45ZR17 in front or put the 275 on the 4 wheels! your choice... :nice:
  15. yeah, I knew that....

    ....but I figured it would be fun to play along for a while, but maybe it isn't (a very bright or funny thing to do, that is..?) :banana:

    BTW, if C.S. was "banned" from 'stangnet, how can he still be allowed to post?? Answer me that, I'd really like to know...
  16. Looks good!

    Well, SnakeCharmer, your suspension combo makes your car's stance look damn good, to me, anyway.... :nice:
  17. he's just some stupid troll.
    he got banned but since it happened after january 3rd, it got lost during the huge server crash. so he probably re-registered and got back to posting stupid crap.
  18. Thanks, it's amazingly stiff suspension and combined with the chassis work, maybe too stiff but I like it and it handles very good in the turns for a 20 year old platform.

  19. I didn't think that anyone made a 255/40, only a 255/45. Either way changing to a 255 will throw off your speedo a little, so just be aware. I just purchased new wheels and rear tires for my 97 a couple weeks ago. I kept the 245s up front cause I think they fill the well fine and don't mess up the speedo. But I put real meat out back on 10.5" wheels. Check it out.[​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]