New to the FIVE O world....

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  1. Whats up fellas my name is martin I just purchase a 1987 mustang conv LX with a saleen body kit...Wich I dont like ..The Interior needs alot of work the outside is decent.. I got one Question the 5.0 has a MAC CAI but I cant find the MAF do they even come with one? if your near long beach and you happen to have any Interior parts you dont need please let me know.


  2. yours doesn't have one. the 89's and later came with em or the cali cars in 88.
  3. thanks bluecobra... :)
  4. Welcome to our world. Where are the pics?!?!?!?

    edit: get some pics of the roush too
  5. Forgive my grey friend, in this section we want pics AND vids.
  6. :stupid:

    Welcome now get some pics before we grow impatient! :nice: