New V8 Mule Spotted

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  1. Hey folks, first post but a goodie:

    Spotted a Mustang powertrain mule today on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica -- Ford does a ton of testing around here as it's close to fabulous Malibu canyons, LA's famous stop-and-go, Sunset Blvd's cruising, etc.

    While the rear appears to be a standard mk1/2009, the front end used modified 2010 bodywork with additional venting in the middle of the hood and what appeared to be a slightly different front valance.

    What can't be seen is the rumble -- Far deeper, far louder than a standard GT. While it's possible that it's a powertrain mule for a Shelby or mid-range "Boss" variant, the standard GT brakes would lead me to believe it's 2011's new V8.

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  2. To bad we cant hear it!!!
  3. Is there a "This thread is worthless without sound" Thingy??

    Kidding...soon enough we will all hear those things roaring around.

  4. Oh, I can't wait!!!!!!!!1
  5. I totally get your jest but if you look closely, you'll see this sits a bit lower and has body-colored rockers. No saying if this will make production (given the 09 rear) but given that they're covering the front end, you know it'll have a different look to the brand-new design.

    I think that's news.

    In any case, I'll post more when I see it again -- I can't imagine I won't catch another given Ford's habit of testing near my house.
  6. i think they made that back to throw people off and make them think its only a 09.
  7. I noticed a Michigan plate on the car.... I believe it
  8. The should have stuck with the '05-'09 rear end and gone with the new front. That test mule might be the best looking factory Mustang built this year. :D
  9. I'd agree with you if it retained the "hips". LOL

    Those are indeed Michigan Manufacturer plates BTW.