Newbie just placed my order

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by msrpshelby, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I have a friend who owns a small dealership that gets just one shelby. I talked to him today and he has paid the $1500 and put in the system red with white stripes interior upgrade and red and black seats. I debated on the sirrius but did not want the bubble on top of the car. Best part is he has said I get it for sticker for the past few months and today he is still sticking to his word. There are still great dealers out there. My car will depreciate faster than others though because I plan on putting on miles whenever I can. I am stoked!
  2. Great news. Congrats! I'm glad to see you aren't going to just stick it in your garage. These cars were made for driving! I'm going to drive mine as long as the weather is good. So, where is this dealer (city/state)?

    PS: I realize this guy is a friend, but I'd still recommend getting it writing that you will get it at sticker. A lot of people have been getting screwed out there.
  3. I'm exited too. woohoo! :)
  4. Boy, you guys are lucky-your Ford dealers actually let you order a Shelby-congratulations. My Ford dealer brushed me off when I tried to order one, even though I had just spent 30K at that dealership. I guess connections help. I will go elsewhere to buy my next musclecar.
  5. I live near Knox, IN, Pals Ford. If anyone can wait for a 2008 Shelby I should be able to get it for sticker as well.