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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by BamaGT, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. what's up with the paint job? lol.
  2. i don't like the exhaust pipes.. oh wait there are no pipe :notnice: where are pipe?!? you can see the muffler!!!!!!! ewwww
  3. I see something coming out the back. ;)
  4. am i the only one that thinks the new mustang has a fat @$$
  5. What's up with the trailer hitch?
  6. Wow! I wonder what they've been towing with it. Cheesy looking brakes, maybe they'll have bigger opes on the production car. The interior looks nice. The back is big but porportional.
  7. why do they paint it that color?
  8. To hide the lines.
  9. It is not paint, it is a vinyl static adhesive that they put over the cars to fool the eyes.
  10. I heard it was supposed to throw off the autofocus lenses.

    Interior still looks busy to me and rear view mirrors look cheap. I'd want one in a darker color with a black interior and without the chrome on the guages if it is indeed an option.
  11. From up close, it looks like the door has a frame around the window again. I hope not, kinda like it the way it is on the SN95's. It's also very apparent how much farther forward the wheels are, interesting. Can't wait to see the real thing unveiled in a few weeks.

  12. car is ugly,esp the rear end :nonono:
  13. How can you tell through all of the camo and covers? :shrug:

    Do you have X-ray vision?
    I've always wanted X-ray vision. Imagine the fun I could have :nice:
  14. Cheesy brakes? Those like identical size to the Cobra. The close up pick is of the rear tire.
    Yes the interior is busy. It has a lot of test equipement in it.
    Tyler you and I are apparently part of a very small group who does not have x-ray vision. I am trying to find out where to get x-ray vision. Bot my eye doctor doesn't yet do the surgery for it.
  15. I didn't know Michigan had palm trees :shrug: :p
  16. I want to know what type of fuel tank (and placement) the new Mustang has. With the mufflers out back, the fuel tank can't be in the usual place, so I guess Ford decided to nix that safety problem. Is it in the same location as the Lincoln LS (and where is that)?

  17. there in my last post..."this rear is nice?

    it has the front and back exposed..same car
  18. [rant on]
    Thanks for your opinion. Too bad no one asked for it.

    Why do people come to the 05 forum to bash this car? Does it make you feel better? And please don't start the "I have an opinion" garbage. Those comments are not opinions, they are ignorant, jealous statements. Make an educated response (negative or positive), and you'll get respect. Bashing something for the hell of it makes you sound like an idiot.

    BTW, better start liking the rear end, 'cause that's all your ever gonna see of this car.
    [/rant off]
  19. :bs:

    Let's get something straight. The new maxima has a fat ass. Hell, its just fat. The stang isn't any larger in the rear as it is currently. Take a look at some of the 3D models done by chazcron or better yet, his clay model. It looks proportional.

    And I hope you guys are not still refering to the white pics. Camera angle....for the LAST time (i wish). :nonono: