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  1. These are new take off differentials? Since the 2005-2011 mustang GT's do not come with the option for traction lock 4.10 ratio im curious where these came from? Were they produced for sale, or?! I'm curious and interested?
  2. 4.10

    That is correct from Ford you can only get 3.31 and 3.55. We have a local Ford ASE mechanic install the Ford Racing 3.73 and 4.10 gears into those stock assemblies to Ford factory specs.
  3. O.K...So these are genuine Ford Gears, as well as everything else. O.K... Do you know if these are direct fit for 2010 GT? I noticed under my car there are tags on the rear that say "NEW MODEL" I'm not sure if that means there as something different as far as the actual housing is concerned from 05-09 to 2010...
  4. 2010 Axle Fitment

    Yes, the 2010 is the same as 05-09.