nitrous on v6

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  1. Rumor has it that the 2005 mustang gt kit from zex also works with the v6. Seems like a pretty cheap option, as i have seen the kits as low as $540 with free shipping.
    nitrous kit
    This seems like a quick fast way to make an easy 240rwhp which should allow for a high 13 or low 14 second run.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. I guess you missed this?
    Dude got 12.79 with [email protected] and minor mods. I plan on doing gears, T-Lok, axle girdle and Zex next! :banana:
  3. Missed it? i've been in contact with the guy :p
    im just curious about the thoughts of the people on this board, about just doin the nitrous. And he had a lot more than minor mods, most of the suspension was replaced, and he had headers, tune, exhaust, etc.
  4. I've been in contact with him as well. I say minor mods because he had no power adder, hadn't gone into the engine at all. He used the stock springs and shocks. Anyway, it would be easy enough to copy what he did and get yourself into the low 13s/high 12s.
  5. I dont think most of the suspension work that he had done was necessary to achieve that time. The tlock and the drag radials could probably knock off 3 or 5 tenths by themselves. Nitrous should be good for .7-1 second. Headers, intake, exhaust, tune for another .1 or .2 So without all that extra work you could probably be running around 13.4

    edit: for the record, zex = power adder :)
  6. I was thinking the same thing. I think the axle girdle is probably needed but the upgraded axles probably aren't. I think he's planning on pushing the car more so he really beefed up the rearend.
  7. In regards to a $540 kit worth 240RWHP.. You cant do better period.. That is the best mod uprgrade for minimal investment fazm83.. :nice:

    But whats the cost to fill the bottle? Howmany runs can you get out of it?

    Over time, the Blower would better.. But It is good to know, once the blower is on, I could still steal a few more horses..
  8. Ive been searchin for almost 2 days findin a place in phoenix to fill nitrous, and until i do, im not even going to consider this option.
  9. Im quite sure you can find a place, but I think its like a minimum of $75 bucks, or maybe $150 pe bottle.. Then you'll get maybe 10 1/4 mile squeezes from it.. Not sure though... But it adds up.. Not like you will be racing everyday though... But still.. Once you know you can squeeze, you will be squeezin to merge into traffic, or squeezin to work, trying to make up time.. Or squeezin because hell, its just feels good squeezin it regularly!! LOL!! :D

    You know what I mean Fazm83!! LOL!!! HEHEHEH!!! :D
  10. NOT, try closer to $2.50-$3.00 per 1lb. And one can always use a cascade tank setup to do ones own filling from bulk cylinders to save money.

  11. Ok, so roughly how much to fill a standard bottle as depicted on the link in the first post of this thread? And how long will it last.. In 1/4 mile runs?

    You think its a damn good deal then? I like the price point on this mod, for the amount of HP gain you get.. So I am hoping you like this.. :D
  12. Standard bottles are either 10lb or 15lbs @ say $2.75:lb it would be $27.50 for a 10lb or $41.25 for a 15lb. That would be retail cost.

    Self filling of course requires outlay of cash for the bulk cylinders and the rig you need to fill. But it's drastically cheaper to self fill even wasting some via a cascade setup.

    Considering a N2O setup is about 12-1300 with all the goodies and a blowers closer to 4,000. That's almost 100 10lb bottle fills @ retail cost to make up the difference. Roughly 10 trips down the 1/4 mile per fill and your looking at almost a 1000 1/4mile runs before the N20 setup has surpassed the blower in cost.
  13. Not to mention the ease of install. I'm doing this soon. :spot:

  14. Ok guys!! Based on this very well articulated info, I expect everybody squeezin within the next 2 to 3 months.. This will be the entry level mod, for the V6's.. This kit must be bought by us all.. Atleast, we wont have such a hard time with the GT's after this $540 mod.. The gavel has smasehd the desk!! :D
  15. I emailed ZEX about the V6 kit (since they are in Memphis as well as me I wanted to see if they needed testers). Their reply was...

    The 05 kit works on the 4.0 engine too. It uses the same fuel rail
    adapter. Just stay with the lower horsepower settings.

    [email protected]/ZEX

    :banana: :banana: :banana:
    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
    :nice: :nice: :nice:
  16. Sweet!! Good job j0nkatz!! So who is going to be first? :D
  17. Im lookin into it right now, tryin to find a place in phoenix that fills, any1 know a site to find somin?
  18. ok, i got my funds together for my nitrous kit, and i was curious what your guys' thoughts were on this. Do you think thats a good first thing to do? Should i buy a tuner with it too? I emailed bamachips asking them if a tune was required, or if the new "smart" kit from zex would be ok.
  19. I'll make a deal with you Fazm83.. Once you get your kit in hand, I'll order mine.. This way, we can compare dyno pulls.. Deal? But I hope you understand that when my Eaton is put on, I wont be un-installing the Nitrous kit.. I maybe just turn it down to the lowest setting.. I wonder how my soft pistons are going to respond to this.. LOL!! Can I set the nitrous down to a 25HP shot?
  20. 75hp minimum lol, but u can set your blower at 6psi or lower.
    im goin to cali on a road trip in a couple weeks, so ill wait till after then to do it, in case i run into any complications.