Not another "which shifter" thread...

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  1. I've helped alot more people on SN then you think ;)

  2. She can handle the track for a day, but i dont think she'd want to go for the weekend, that and the fact that i am going to be jumping in with guys that are letting me stay in thier hotel room and ride up with them. Im not gonna push my luck with that.

  3. That wasn't help, that was a fair trade. And besides, my reach around was way better than the Cleveland steam roller you promised I wouldn't forget.
  4. 90lx if you come down stop by the pits and say what's up...
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  10. Thanks for the offers. Power is coming back on in CT now, and I am hoping by the weekend the visitors will be gone.

    Had an incident while I was at work that I won't go into detail. But had police, ambulance and fire trucks at the house yesterday!!! NOT happy and actually embarassed that my neighbors had to witness this, because of my house guests. Not to mention the day the cats "somehow" got into the attic!!! Never had a cat get into the attic, until we had house guests. Probably a fluke, but the hallway light which has never given me issues blew. I replaced it, it now goes on and off... My outside lights are off when I kill them at night, yet when I'm home from work someone has them turned on... my electric bill will be triple. The guests do prepare dinner, but they leave the food out after, and don't clean the dishes. I have to unhook my desktop every day for someone to use the internet (not sure why wireless isn't good enough). As of yesterday I lost my parking spot in the driveway. The 4 cars in the driveway are for the 4 ******* people who dont have to go to work, those of us who do have to walk to the damn street... Add to this every 3 minutes someone needs me to move, get, find, change, fix something for them...

    If you can't tell, as much as I like helping people (I genuinely do), and would never tell anyone no, or throw anyone out into the cold, I just am slowely losing my mind with all the small stuff that is just picking away at my sanity.
  11. Feed the hookers and maybe it'll calm down?
  12. "We have no power. There was an embarassing domestic incident. Nobody pisses you off like family."
  13. For pretty much any normal, sane person, living with family gets exponentially more difficult as you get older. Back when we were engaged, my wife left her apartment and moved back in with her family so we could get things in line for our own house. Her family are very nice, sane, normal people, and the house was anything but crowded. In fact, she had her own private bathroom, walk in closet, and outside entrance directly into her room. Even still, there were still times when we were both ready to pull our hair out, and I wasn't even living there!

    Who all is living with you right now?
  14. Fiances mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle and 5 year old niece (her grandfather was there only one night, and left due to a large fight that had people crying on day number 1). My family has been at my parents using the generator and have had no issues.

    Her family has always kind of hated eachother. Anything more than a couple of hours and they fight. Usually ending with some kind of falling out for a couple months. Nothing of that nature yet, but headed that way. Her aunt and uncle and niece have actually been really good. Helping out, cooking dinner, buying stuff if it's needed.

    The domestic thing was a medical issue and could have 100% been avoided. I'm just a bit annoyed that it wasn't avoided and all had to take place in my front lawn/house, with all my neighbors (many not working) and their families outside to watch.

    The other things are minor, but fairly annoying. The cats in the attic was annoying, because noone did anything to get them out, except me, who ended up getting clawed pretty good by our 19 lb cat (hes a fatass, lol).

    Oh well, her sister has gone now that her dad has power, I'm hoping the mother and brother can head out soon too. The aunt and uncle, like I said, have just been easy going and nice, and the niece is a cute little girl that is fun to hang around.
  15. wow what a mess.

    Sorry to hear it, but I feel your pain. I love my wife, but I definitely got some extra baggage when I married into her family. LOL!
  16. That sounds pretty ****ty, you should need some whiskey therapy STAT. I was at my witts end yesterday but i couldnt imagine a week with inlaws.
  17. Only real event last night was getting the wireless router working again.

    Other than that and the huge amount of garbage, I made sure to either stay in the garage refinishing some boat parts, or upstairs watching TV.
  18. I also retreat to the garage when things get heated! There's always some little project on the cars that can be done to remove oneself from family drama in the house. ;)
  19. I just dont leave the shop. Problem solved.