official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. I bought it from a friend who got it from Speedworks I think, but it is a real Saleen piece :nice:
    (says it everywhere :rolleyes:)
  2. Well, quickest way to tell is if its fits like poop, and paint peel, then you know you got real Saleen stuff:notnice:
  3. or if it says wal-mart. lol
  4. 2003 Mustang GT Prem Conv.
    Charcoal Grey
    246.5 RWHP 289.3 RWTQ
    bbk 75mm TB
    C&L Plenum w/spacer
    C&L 85mm Maf
    SLP Loudmouth C/B
    Diablo Predator
    Eibach Sport Springs
    2001 Cobra Front Bumper
    Mach1 Chin spoiler
    2004 Cobra Rear Bumber

    Just added and Not Dynoed
    BBK Ceramic LongTubes
    BBk O/R H-Pipe
  5. I finally learned how to post pictures, wooohoo !

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  6. :drool: ..... But your in desprate need of chrome plated Alternater tho

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  7. my spot in history... :nice:
  8. 03redfire, what did you do to the tranmission to make it handle the hell of the KB?

    I will need to know what to do for my auto when the time comes.
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  10. right now it is still stock, even the converter. I did add a cooler and My tuner adjusted the line pressure, shift points, and torque converter lockup with the chip. It breaks the wheels loose on all shifts at wot, without the drag radials on. I was planning on doing the j-mod soon.
  11. Keep me updated on how it holds up.

    Very cool though that it is holding up to that much power.
  12. I had read somewhere that the trans is very stong and that it was good to like 700 hp, much stronger than the auto ford is putting in the 05-06's
  13. I agree, It's on my never ending list !
  14. KB-side.jpg

    I still need a lot more bling under my hood as well :(

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  15. I have some chrome or polished aluminum, I don't remember, strut tower caps I well sell real cheap, I purchased them but they won't work on mm cc plates

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  16. Amy - what kind of hood did you go with? I need another one for my P-51 as well :D
  17. Cervinis Cobra R Lift Off Hood :)
  18. Thanks; looks really nice :nice: