official 4.6 liter Mustang photo thread

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  1. thank you! :)
  2. New pics, this is a picture thread right? :shrug:

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  3. ? what size tire do u have on back? 205's??? It look sooo narrow:shrug:

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  4. :lol: Did you forget what 245's look like
  5. Damn I did! its been looooooong time since I had 245/40/17 pooperback on my car:rlaugh:
  6. ***** thats a beautiful car! :hail2:

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  7. Thank You :)
  8. First orange stang ive ever seen. Very nice!
  9. I know i need to lower it and put bigger rims, but currently low on budget.



    '96 GT
  10. what kind of bodykit is that?
  11. Cobra R 2000 front bumper
    Saleen side skirts
    Saleen S2000 rear bumper

    I didn't like the Saleen front bumper so I decided to mix and match.
  12. Heres mine 2001 cobra.

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  13. Clean Cobra cobra2798!! :nice:

  14. sell your body kit, make some of your money back
  15. my new baby

    well this is my new baby...born 2-25-06 (maybe taken into the family rather than born):nice: :nice:

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