Official GT40P headed 300rwhp thread!!!

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  1. Got some advice from some guys on, I think I need to change my driving style.. They seemed to think that 12's are achievable.. I just need more seat time with the new setup..
  2. any clue what power and torque gains I will see on my 75 Bronco? I am swapping out the 2 barrel 302 from 1975 and putting in a 1991 cougar HO engine with 98 gt40p heads and MAC GT40P headers, also the 98 explorer intake and 91 stang EFI. Just wondering since the Bronco forum consensus was that I should have kept the E7's, the cam will be the 91 cougar one.

    as it is a small SUV I am looking for torque, but with 4:10 gears and AOD (91 cougar) with town car (2000) 4r70w internals (lower first and second gears) and 33's, I think I am good for my mild Baja Desert needs/ daily driver.
  3. Prob around 250 to 275hp because it's an automatic..
  4. Rear wheel, that is probably twice what the 2 barrel 1975 engine produced. Not too bad ;-)
  5. Went to get the car dynoed again to find out my previous numbers were bogus because the dyno wasn't operating correctly.. They said it was running about 20 hp high on cars that were 300 or less.. How they came up with that number I don't know.. So I should have been around 240 hp or so.. So we put the car back on the dyno and came up with 252hp and 284 tq.. The definitely has a better power curve.. But ran lean (17:1) from about 2k-3500.then hung around 15-15.5 the rest of the way up to 5500. And the tq dropped about 30 ftlbs when it shot up to 17:1.. So I am getting this issue under control now, so hopefully the hp and tq numbers go up some..
  6. Bring this thread back from the dead again for another addition of 300+ with GT40 combo, There is another guy here in california who knocked off a 300+ hp and TQ....

    LOOK AT THE TQ #'s

    Lost Angels Mustang Club
  7. requires you join and have a user name/password.........
  8. Post up the details. Not gonna join a new forum for 1 thread.

    Thanks in advanced!
  9. OOOps sorry, haha, here it is

    this street/strip coupe to run at our local 1/8th & 1/4 mile track. This video is when it was getting dyno tuned at Powertrain Dynamics by Steve(local). The car put down 315rwhp and 398rwtq with only about 200 miles on the engine.
    mods: GT 40 Tublar intake, GT 40 heads ported/polished by Ben Alameda(famous local racer), Isky custom grind cam, mac unequal length headers with matching h pipe and catback. on the ignition side resides a whole msd ignition set up and an autologic(omg so custom chip. All on a 5.0 bored over 0.30.

    1st time taking it to the track after recent dynotune. Best time of the day was a [email protected] mph but it was all over the track. Looks like the stock shocks cant handle the power. Lakewood Drags are coming aboard ASAP, front and rear!

    5.0 Coupe vs Whippled Cobra ( vert)
    [email protected] to a [email protected]

    Coupe vs G35
    [email protected] mph to a 9.8 @70mph

    My 60ft was a 1.60 on both runs!!!!

    It was very Consistent even while being all over the track, thankgod it never got out that groove!

    2nd time out finally put the Lakewood Dragshocks and managed to make it run better...
    [email protected] with a 1.60 60ft!

    Just thought id share this vid to you guys.
  10. 398rwtq? That seems much too high for an HCI 302. I'd think 338rwtq is more likely.
  11. Lol that's the same thing I said...
  12. Too high for you :notnice:
  13. Can't get your head around it huh? slow people always think that. Just because you can't hit that #, dont mean others can't either. LMAO
  14. I've never seen 398 at the wheels done by anybody with GT40 stuff .........guess you might be the first to do it............
  15. Tom,

    That's not my car, It's a local guy. I just posted a link because you guys can't see it. BUT I know the engine builder who built it.

    BUT there is another dude who hit close to this # something like 340 hp and 380 TQ also, I guess they know how to get these combos to work....

    If you got the $, You CAN do it. period :)
  16. You know what?! I will call the engine builder and ask him what he have done, and if he gives it away, I will post the combo for you all :)
  17. Yeah just a little. :rolleyes: Let's see the dyno graph so we can make a proper judgement.
  18. I would like to hear the buider describe what it takes, even if it is in slightly general terms. See what you can coax him to give up.
  19. You never know. Could be a ton of compression and race gas.

  20. Okay, here is some info that i found out by calling him.

    The motor is stock block, stock crank, stock rods, BUT he used the dome pistons and compression ratios is high just as Kurt mentioned, mid 11 to 1, the GT40 heads are ported but not too much, the valve sizes are 1.90 in/1.60 ex. No race gas, it's pump gas.

    The cam is from isky but custom grind, but he said the cam is on the mild side and street cam. he didn't give up the spec but he said he can grind another one for same as ots cam price.

    I asked him about the TQ # and he said it is not wrong, it's right, and that motor has more power left in it, the car owner just went with budget parts. and it's a street car that goes back and forth to work.

    I didn't wanna pry too much over the phone, but he wants me to come by and talk to him more about my build, I supposed to head over there on wednesday. I will keep you guys posted more on this. :)

    Hope this helps