Official Hardtack Progress Thread.

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  1. Well, to everyone who hasn't seen it, here it is. But as for the thread itself, it's gonna be Hardtack's progress thread. Reason for the name Hardtack, again, famous race horse, in fact, brother of War Admiral, and Father of Seabiscuit. And whats funny is that my friends stang (90 mustang lx) is silver and black too. Found that pretty cool.

    Well here is what im starting with.



    And here is what I bought so far.

    -Cap and rotor (Duralast Gold)
    -Motorcraft Plugs
    -Starter repair kit
    -Grab-a-trak Rear 5 leaf rear springs (perf.)
    -Hedman Longtube Headers
    -Trunk Weather stripping.
  2. That car is begging for a Rustoleum paintjob. I've got half a gallon left and a spare foam roller if you wanna borrow 'em. :D
  3. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!! :eek:
  4. lol its goin original color, Pewter Silver!!!!!! with those sexy stripes. The only thing, should i paint the hood or no?
  5. Do you mean paint part of the hood black? If so YES you should !
  6. idk, im having thoughts about the stripes and all that stuff. I gotta decide on what ima do.
  7. Go rent or buy a copy of Steven Segal's "Marked for Death." Observe in detail the Mach 1 in that movie. A black Mach 1 is pure sex on wheels. :drool:
  8. i like the red ones best
  9. I like the ones with big bewbies the best............oops wrong thread:D
  10. IMO... that car needs to be stripped to the boneeeee.. if you look at the engine bay driver side, there is a hole right through :eek:.. I bet the whole front subframe is toast and a whole new one needs to be welded in.. I'd be taking care of all the cancer before working on the engine or anything else.. Again thats just IMO.. I'm excited for your project and that car will be SECKSSSSSS when its done!!!

    Keep her original silver, or go yellow/black FTWWWW

  11. yeah im decided ;ast night im going all original. and that mach u posted as a pic, it has the boss hood, not the mach 1. but either way my hood is staying clean like it did from the factory. and also. yes the front section of the subframe is bad, but nothing that cant be replaced.
  12. the pic i posted wasn't a mach it was just a yellow 71 i could find :nice:

    At least throw some hot rims on it FTW!!! Progress threads FTW!!! :)
  13. yeah rims are soon in my list.

    and as for today, i just rebuilt the starter. works fine but the kickdown lever that engages it isnt going down right. ima sand the magnet a little and hopefully it will work. oh and the spark plugs are on. bought a nice little tool to makethings easier and it sure did.

    here it is. bought it at pepboys for those who are interested. but yeah. freakin tool of gods when it come to tight spaces and it also works as a regular ratchet.

    SIDEWINDER SPEED WRENCH from Aircraft Spruce
  14. DOOD! I soooooo could've used one of those last weekend when I was farting around with the dizzy hold-down clamp on my truck. Damn thing's on the back of the motor right by the firewall, and you can't hardly get at the thing with a rachet without some creative use of a couple of U-joints, and even then you hardly have any room to swing the rachet to tighten/loosen it. Sure makes things fun when you're trying to adjust/set the timing... :(
  15. Don't be a hillbilly. Fix the rust before you buy hotrod parts. If it just had worn paint, I'd say don't worry about it, but that thing is a mess. For all you know, you have mice living in the doors.

    But it is a sweet car. Good luck!
  16. dude u gotta get goin on body work pull that motor out and get on the ball :D

    Thats gonna be a sweet car when u get it done...spend all ur money on body work to start....strip that interior...u might have animals in that car :eek:
  17. Long road ahead of you Mike but she will be sweet when done :nice:
  18. thanks :D

    and yeah i know. the only reason i bought the springs and headers is because the rear leafs are shot. and i have no exhaust. its straight exhaust manifold.

    oh and the starter got fixed. my dad ran into an old mechanic friend he used to work with and hooked it up with all FoMoCo. internals for it. SWEEETTT!!! and yeah tomorrow im gonna get the body panels resolved.

    and sicksix, i am gonna pull the engine out. clean it up reeaalll nice, change the oil do all the maint. things. my good friend has a cherry picker and a engine stand. so thats a good plus. but the interior is fine, ive searched everything, no animals but a lonley a spider.

    and as for recent discoveries about the car, it has a 9" rearend, a 3 speed toploader, and no p/s, a/c, or p/b!!! thats perfect.
  19. I was wondering about that, I thought you had said 4-speed before you got it but the pic showed a three speed :shrug:
    I sure would want power brakes and steering on a car that big though :shrug:
  20. Heh ... I was kinda scratching my head on that, too. I thought it was a four-speed at first, but then thought, "Wait ... where the hell do you move the stick to get reverse gear?" :scratch:

    We require video/audio when you get that monster cranked up for the first time. :nice;