ok is it just me or does everyone want a 347 like me LOL have some Q?

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  1. I have to agree with Edbert as well as Tom B. I built a 302, 40 over, 586 full roller set-up, VJ, alum heads, stud girdle etc, etc to somewhere between 550 and 600 hp with a carbed paxton supercharger. Lots of $$$. This is with a stock stroke for a good reason. No official dyno yet! We are pretty much at this blocks limits... Keep in mind, this is not for a daily driver.

    You can gain this hp a 351w, stock bore with natural asperation and a relatively smooth idle! Daily drive the thing until she's old and gray. The only issues for sparkplugs would be on the 65-66 cars... Most cars have one bolt to release the motor mount, a 2x4 and a jack, lift if a couple of inches and you're in business...
  2. my car is a 66 so it would be a hassle. But i might go the 393 route still, I have to see how my block is right now.
  3. 302 is a stroked 289... bascially they are same block - same cylinder lenghts. 289 Hi Po has same caps as Boss 302. Othewise, they are quite identcial.
  4. Building a 408, right now. :D
  5. let me know how that goes and how easy that is I might go with that. But if I do I will get rid of my shock towers I dont want to jack the motor up to just change the pluges

  6. Sorry about being blunt, but this information is incorrect. I'll give you a '68 302 block and a '65 289 block and I want you or anyone to find a difference between the blocks besides the part number. Bore length on both is 5 1/8 inches (approximate) on each, main webbing looks identical, main caps look identical and are interchangable (with some main align boring). This is a rumor that should be squashed. Measure your bore length and i'll bet you'll also have 5 1/8 inches.

    Use you 289 block for a 347 if...and I say if...you do not need to bore it beyond .030 or .040. If your going to be building a 450+ HP 347, use a main girdle, but in any case use ARP main studs.
  7. A stock stroke 302 can split a block right down the middle easily, stroking will do it faster. But all can be had if you go with a A4, R302, or Dart block, but now yer looking at another 2 grand. So if you are using a stock block, I would just choose one or the other. Actually, choose a hp goal, 1/4 mile goal, or whatever then select yer combo from that. Althou a turboed 331 does sound nice
  8. I'm just going to be using a N/A 347 kit with pretty agressive cam and AFR205 heads and some sort of edelbrock intake. I will use main girdle and whatever else. Im pretty confident that setup will last.
  9. Yah, that should have no problem, I wasnt refering to yer setup not working. Yers is a strong set up that should last a good amount of time. Sorry if I didnt make myself clear :flag:
  10. split a block in half? I've seen stockers break a block and I've seen over 600hp at 8000rpm live for two seasons of drag racing. better make sure that the block gets checked for cracks in every way possible. x-ray them and check with floresent dye. One hair line crack in the lifter valley or pan rail or any where will turn your engine to junk. Engine prep and machine work should be the main priority. Its never cheaper to skimp on machine work.