Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  1. While I am not going to call B/S on this. I would like to make a few points.
    1. You come on here criticizing some people. Get a typical responses. Then complani about getting very little help. So the reality is this. For your master's thesis. You are doing VERY little reasearch. As even a few minutes searching most threads on this site. Would have revealed the responses you were going to get.
    2. How does your point. "I have been reading older guys say that they think body kits are “bad” and should stick to the “rice burner” car. I also read younger guys saying that Tons and tons of hp is cool but they want the “Look mods”. Have anything to do with your thesis.
    3. After saying this is about. Seeing people's reactions to reading things they don't like to hear. You get insulting when Duner and someone else. Post something you apparently did not want to hear. Instead of looking at it with an objective eye. Since it is "Your" research.
  2. I think face needs to finish high school before taking on a masters thesis. I work with a lot of Esq.'s, Ph.d's etc. and with that amount of education, if face really has it, he sure isn't showing it in his writing skills. Grow up.
  3. Face:

    1. Go back to Sociology 101.
    2. Study car culture.
    3. Its not difficult to set people against each other then sit back and watch the festivities.
    4. I would ask you if you truly understood the nature of your research and the basis for your thesis.

    Believe it or not "cliques" exist even in the world of Mustang enthusiasts. There is the Pre '73 stangers vs the Late model faction, there is the 5.0 push rod faction vs the 4.6/5.4 modular faction, there are the purists vs the resto-moders, the V6ers vs the V8ers.

    Everybody has certain tendancies to congregate with those who share similar opinions; and consequently sometimes feelings get stepped on when they don't happen to agree with yours. That doesn't make those whom have certain points of view correct and others wrong; but it certainly doesn't advance your arguement by needlessly attacking anyone.

    If you really want to flame a thread just start by making outrageous generalities about how somebody's aftermarket rims or color selection makes you want to puke.

    I'm sure that most of us "older folks" appreciate what you were originally attempting to convey. I would be horrified to find out that you had chopped up a perfect restoration of a rare 1967 GT500 to throw an Eleanor body kit on it. Would I appreciate the craftsmanship ? - - - yes, time and effort ? - - - yes; but it would still bother me. Going after a "retired" status in MCA takes a moral fiber and conviction to detail that few Mustangers are able to appreciate, but that doesn't make them "better". It doesn't make the "purists" any less likely to marvel at any well conceived modification on any vehicle that happened to derive its influence or originate from the import crowd.

    I don't think that body kits are necessarily "bad" or "evil", in the same way that some of the Super Street crowd doesn't think "showroom stock" is "bad", For me it all depends on the individual circumstance and individual vehicle. In my personal opinion (which you are free to ignore) some body kits look great, some paint jobs look great, but some don't. Ford is doing a great job with the S197 - - - just look at the sales figures; and I seriously doubt that you would find anybody in these forums who would vehemently disagree.

    Would I want to own a "showroom stock" vehicle, not on your life - - - but that doesn't mean that I find those that have chosen that route to be any less of a Mustang enthusiast than I.

    Sociology 102:
    Its all a matter of personal opinion, don't look to others for validation.

    What your "thesis" posting tells me is that you have very little understanding of what it means to be a Mustang enthusiast, let alone understand the dynamics of the car culture, or for that matter the Marketing/Maunufacturing processes which are employed by Ford.
  4. I dont think FORD is making the aftermarket stuff that you are talking about.


    My opinion - Some aftermarket "body kits" enhance the retro styling that ford intended, some mask it to look like the same as other cars.
    Some look like they put no thought into how they would blend with the lines of the car and stick out like a sore thumb. Some look factory. to each his own.

    The reason I like the '05 mustang is that for the first time since the 60's I can really see the original design cues that made the early mustangs popular. I won't be covering them up or taking them off.

    my $.02
  5. Ok, then. I will.

    "So for all you "old timers" that do nothing but complain".

    It's one thing to post something someone won't like ("American cars suck, German cars rule" - sorry, couldn't resist, "modding is for fools") and sit back and watch the fireworks, but it is something else entirely to goad, label and denigrate a perceived group which does not appear to fit your particular mindset.

    "The thing was none of you actually got what I was saying. What my point was is that I have been reading older guys say that they think body kits are “bad” and should stick to the “rice burner” car."

    I don't think anyone missed your "point" (er, which I THOUGHT you said was merely to provoke reaction???), but rather that no-one could figure out where you got your info from. Sure, lots of people don't like certain kits (one guy'll love Saleen, but hate Roush), but I haven't seen a lot of out and out "You kids these days, and yer foo-foo bodykits! Get on back ter China with yer!".

    Your post was stoops. Sorry.

    I'm not old, I'm getting a bodykit, along with a bunch of little perf bolt-ons. Just can't side with you on this one, though.
  6. How old are you? 18, 19?
  7. I'm just happy that I have an American made Mustang. Look at GM...they will be turning most of their cars to Chinese production. The GTO is mostly made in Australia. Go look at some of the GTO forums. Those guys are ticked due to talks about producing GM cars in China or somewhere over there. GM wants to only have truck and SUV production in the States. Now that would be something to rant about. People will always have opinions about the modifications people do. That's why they're mods. Each person gets to pick and choose what they want. In the big picture, again, I'm glad to be driving American Muscle than an import. I guess, by 07-08, GM will become an import in the car line. :flag:
  8. Masters? What school do you go to that would allow Masters study in how people react to Mustangs? More specifically, modded Mustangs? :bs:

    Have you per chance seen DUner measure his penis? Maybe your school can offer to let you right a thesis on that. Of course, you're going to have to convince him to let you do the measuring...... :rlaugh:
  9. Put down the crack pipe.
  10. or why dont you research a thesis on why some "young"(me, 20yrs.) guys would "agree with old timers" on a clean look car.
  11. this thread makes absolute no sense at all......
  12. Do you, perchance, drive one of them Dodge Bumble Bee trucks???
  13. Interesting you should be noting that, since it has recently been announced at the GM jobs being lost here in Oklahoma City at the GM plant, due to poor sales of their SUV's or something. I think it's sad, myself, but what do they expect? They SHOULD make Camaros there, instead. Then I'd grow my mullet and ride again! LOL J/k! I'm only joking, since I do like camaros, too. Plus there's lots of Camaro drivers at the military base and none of those boys wear mullets! :D
  14. :lol: :rlaugh: You're killing me. I just about spewed Pepsi my my keyboard.
  15. Play your games elsewhere. If you are truly interested in discussing Mustangs with us then do so. Crapping on people with your first post is a terrible way to introduce yourself.

    If you want to "research my thesis" do it in this forum http://forums.stangnet.com/forumdisplay.php?f=62 not in here.

    If you really are working on your Masters thesis your post would have contained well defined thoughts, sentence structure and proper grammar like GottaBeRed's reply to you.
  16. I also think it's sad! I think it's important for there to be competitive cars to the Mustang or other cars we like. If there isn't, you and I will be paying premium. Competitive vehicles creates business. Dealership sales and incentives, aftermarket goodies, etc. I just think it's not good in the big picture.

  17. Wow. I usually avoid these posts as I don’t like insulting people even when they need it, but I can’t let this one go. I just finished writing my Master's thesis in Biology, and I had to do more work than assess at the reactions people would have to an almost unintelligible post. If this is what your research project consists of then it’s no wonder so many Biologists and Chemists laugh the Sociology department. I have a couple of suggestions for you though, as I cannot imagine an advisor that would not reconsider his decision to take you on as a graduate student if he saw this thread.

    1. You should do some work on your writing. In science we try to make our point fairly explicit with a minimum of words. You on the other hand took up a large amount of space and no one understood what you were trying to say. I am by no means a great writer, but let me take a shot at it.

    Why do so many people disapprove of those who chose to add a body kit to their Mustang. Is it caused by a generational gap, as many who disapprove come from the generation that was growing up when the mustangs were brand new. I think Ford and the aftermarket manufacturers have a lot of foresight by trying to include today’s youth.

    This is not my opinion, but I think maybe it is what you were trying to say.

    2. Your project is severly lacking in a good research design. You will collect little or no data on this site. You might get 30 responses from different people before this post is locked. Your sample size is far to small to give you results that will have any statistical power whatsoever.
    Furthermore, what is the hypothesis you are testing? If I purposefully try to make people angry at me by insulting them I believe they will become angry. Well congratulations on figuring that out. That particular question has been puzzling me for years. Thanks!

    3. The reason you were called immature is that your post appears to have been made by an uneducated person as it made no sense. On top of that it was insulting. This is common in the uneducated as they try to win arguments by insulting others. I’m not saying educated people don’t insult others, quite the opposite. They are however, less obvious and make their point a little better.

    Just to summarize a bit: for lack of a better word I think I would have to call you a moron, wait that gives you too much credit. As the immortals Bevis and Butthead once said you are a less-on. Let me explain that for you, the mor in moron implies more, while the less in less-on implies less. As in less intelligent than the average.
  18. nope... any reason why you would think so? :D
  19. Hmmmm......

    They're pretty kick ass looking beasts. Wonder what their specs are?

    What happened here last year? Someone spike the drinking water at US auto manufacturers' design studios? There are a whole bunch of redesigned US vehicles that just steal the show from the fancy-shmancy imports.
  20. Wow..... face, I am, for the first time in my old-timer life, speechless....Please refer to many of my responses regarding body modifications in other posts. You do find a large demographic of individual who does not like the "cosmetic" modifications. But, my goodness, if you were working on a thesis, honey, you went about it so wrong. You started your post with a large degrading generalization. Then you used a myriad of inappropriate (not to mention forum breaking rule) words and language. Your single paragraphical attack on a single demographic of people was just, wrong.

    Who is your professor young man? Please try this again on another site, perhaps. You need to start with a controlled topic sentence. Followed by your opinion in logical and appropriate terminology; followed by a cohesive closing.

    I am confused. Your professor must not have given you adequate instructions on how to perform a controlled sociological experiment that would yield a model scientific hypothesis.

    Now....GottaBeRed and RedFire05 whose were the two most eloquent and linguistically sophisticated responses I have ever read. :hail2: LOL

    I will have to respectfully decline a rebuttal to GottaBeRed on the Eleanor comment, however. :)