Old School vs. New School.......sick of the all the B.S

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  2. I think by now. People have completely shot down his post on getting his masters. And at this point I find his return unlikely.
  3. Are you saying that Duner and I aren't eloquent and linguistically sophisticated? Is it because we have penises? (that's a very unsophisticated joke ladies. :lol: ....no need for a flame).

    As an aside, I have an MBA in computer science. We didn't have to be eloquent...just nerdy.....that's why we make penis jokes....... :banana:
  4. LOL.... GraphicGuy you crack me up. Since Duner is a MOD.....He holds deity status in my world here on Stangnet and, subsequently, his wise words and advice second no other. :hail2: As a fellow "computer nerd" - Formal education is in CS - Microcomputer Applications..... I meant no disrespect and of course your E-Penis jokes are some of the most articulately pulchritudinous things I have ever read. :nice: :worship:

    I am just kidding with you. The "Red's" responses were just awesome in response to that young man. I get all dithered when I read things like that.... I find it as sexy as a black-on-black 1969 Boss 429..... :) :cheers: Schwing... Hahahahah

  5. We girls LOVE penis jokes, eh Jenn!? My boyfriend tells me I come up with a few good ones of my own!

  6. Such kind words could give a guy a swelled head :D
  7. I did not read the whole thread. However, fact is that you can do whatever you want. Just be prepared to hear everyone's opinions. They are allowed their opinions and do not HAVE to like a 5 foot wing on a Mustang GT...etc
  8. Sexy! Wow thanks Jenn! Not something usually heard when describing anything associated with a Masters student.
  9. One day you will find it is the year 2012 and be in your mid to late 20's and walk outside to see your bling blinged out car and think to yourself.. what the f- was I thinking?

    The same thing happened about 1979 to the millions of babyboomers who for the previous 8 years lived in the flower-power decorated era of the mid 70's. However they at least had LSD and marijuana to blame.
  10. duner,

    What part of Oregon are you in? I was raised about 20 miles outside of Salem in a tiny town called Shaw. Great times.... Funny I had a Mustang then, but he had four legs and was my best friend and he couldn't be modified... :rolleyes:

    Red..... You will find that there are two things on the male anatomy that, if used properly and often, women LOVE and consider sexy.... The first is the Brain....the second is the............... :nice:

  11. Jenn,

    I live in the Portland/Hillsboro area. Moved to Oregon several years ago. I've been enjoying it. Portland International Raceway attracts some pretty decent races. Looking forward to summer and some sunny days.

  12. No need to start being shy on my account.

    "I will have to respectfully decline a rebuttal to GottaBeRed on the Eleanor comment, however." ?????????

    I stand by my statement indicating that tearing up a pristine vintage GT500 to put an "Eleanor" body kit on it would be akin to being as close to sacreligious in the Mustang community as you could get.

    That by no means indicates that I oppose the Eleanor body kits in general; in fact I have nothing but respect for those such as Blow By Racing to develop and promote these kits for the S197. I appreciate the effort and the craftsmanship that they demonstrate in helping those individuals further their expressions of individuality. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the "Gone in 60 Seconds" Eleanor is certainly right up there with the Bullitt in terms of Mustang celebrity. The fact that these vehicles have attained a cultlike status speaks to the Mustang enthusiast in all of us; a trait that should be cultivated and celebrated; and it was never my intention to denegrate those that choose to pay homage to such Mustangs.

    However, I feel that a vehicle such as a fully restored Shelby Cobra GT500 also holds an inate historical value in remaining in stock condition. It is something to be cherished and admired in the form in which it was created. Because of the rarity of such a vehicle, once alterations such as a modern day "body kit" are made to it, I believe that the Mustang "community" irretrievably looses a part of its heritage.

    I would appreciate hearing your rebuttal.
  13. Any one who can afford an original GT 500 will not be "Eleanoring" it. Thank God.

    Now buying a stock Ford 67 Fastback and putting the kit on it... hell, I've dreamed about that.

    I am an old timer, I think, and if Face is thinking that ricing out an 05 GT is what Ford intended with the Retro, I think he is wrong.

    There are plenty of beautiful kits out there which make the 05 look awesome to me. Then there is the kit derived from the Civic kit of last year that makes the car look like crap. Misfitting, fiberglass, overbearing crap.

    If you want me to say OK to those kits, sorry. Oh, if you want me to like your stickers and dragons on the side.... sorry again. Please buy a Honda for those mods.

    Nothing wrong with kits which enhance. I love them. 05 Eleanor...AWESOME.

    My god, just thought about this. Do you think he'll put twin fart pipes on his Mustang???
  14. Twin fart pipes, curb feelers and dingle balls....
  15. {I would be horrified to find out that you had chopped up a perfect restoration of a rare 1967 GT500 to throw an Eleanor body kit on it. Would I appreciate the craftsmanship ? - - - yes, time and effort ? - - - yes; but it would still bother me. .....}

    Okay...go easy on me it is late and I have worked hard this weekend....

    As for the original statement I have placed in brackets above... my very humble and respectful rebuttal is:

    The Eleanor Mustang is more than a body kit. I am speaking of the GT350SR and GT500E specifically manufactured by Unique Performance. The vehicles are not a rare or pristine 1967 GT500. Yes I can agree with your horror of a complete rip apart and simple body kit modification to this vehicle. These types of pristine and rare Cobras/Super Snakes/King of the Road (KR) are to be preserved and sold at the likes of Barret-Jackson Auctions. They yield a high market value and I could not see someone who purchases one, just adding body modifications.

    Back to the current build of the 350SR and 500E. The SR starts its life as a run of the mill 1965 or 1966 fastback, the upgrades and retrofits make it a much more capable performer than the original cars ever were.

    I will now give a short dissertation on the 500E (excuse the lack of proper punctuation as it is late and I am tired). These particular Unique Performance (UP) vehicles are manufactured from 1967 and 1968 fastbacks. UP gets most of these vehicles as run down, 'left to die to the rust' cars. They sodium blast the body to bare metal. The stick the abused baby on a rotisserie and install all new floor pans and subframe connectors. They replace all suspension compenents to include coil-over shocks, power rack-and-pinion sterring, dual pistion calipers, slotted and drilled rotors, functional brake cooling ducts. The rear is upgraded with beefy leaf springs and shocks or an adjustable cantilever coilover kit and a traction Bar... 3.89 gears with a posi differential and a 31-spline axle in the base 500E... The Super Snake uses 3.25 gears. They add a Fuel-Safe cell providing about 16 or 22 gallons. A secondary battery is dedicated to this and is installed in the trunk. This bad boy fires up with the assistance of a MSD ignition; has JBA headers, Spin Tech mufflers and an aluminium Griffin cross-flow radiator. The TremecT56 6 speed is controlled by a beautiful JMC hydraulic clutch. All pumping along an aluminum driveshaft with safety loop (Don't want to drop that driveshaft and turn into a rocket...LOL)...

    And...let's not forget that you get either a 325hp 302ci with Holley 600 cfm carb or fuel injection; or a 408 stoker engine. And lastly, my favorite, the 427 screaming out 525 HP with the Tremec TKO 5 speed to help you through the gears. You can add a nice little Vortech supercharger and a Mighty Deamon carb for a total of 725 Horsepower.

    This, with all due respect, is not just a body kit. It is a beautifully engineered, redesigned and resurrected '67 or '68 fastback. I would probably give half of my ample breast size just to drive one of these production GT500E's.

    I can agree with your over all statement that to tear up a completely beautiful GT500 to just put on a Body Kit is wrong. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions to preserve the heritage of the original Shelby's. I can't thank those folks enough, for one day, I will take my son to Scottsdale, AZ to a Barret-Jackson auction just to be able to see this part of automobile history.

    However, the Eleanor, even the new one's produced by the folks at Unique are not just adding a body kit, they are reviving an American Dream.

    Thanks for listening to my humble rebuttal... :nice:

  16. Jennifer:
    Thanks for your clarification.
    Totally concur with you on the Unique/Shelby new additions.

    I don't think that Ford originally intended for the GT model to be equipped with a "ricer" aftermarket axle-back exhaust with 6 inch tips only because the back rear fascia would need to be modified to accomodate it. Now if you hang one really low under the back of a V-6 that would be an entirely different matter.
  17. Jenn & Zenn.....

    It's good to have some balance here from the fairer gender.

    Our soliloquy regarding male "members" need to be offset by comments from those who are much better judges of our MODS to them. The final judgement, as it should be, always comes from females.

    Needless to say, I don't need MODS for better performance over what I came standard with....at least that's what I'm told........

    On the other hand, mine has been parked for a while, so I don't know if that's still the case or nor...... :shrug:
  18. What does this mean????
  19. He must be on the other side of a black hole. Things are supposed to work backwards there.
  20. While I agree that the unique performance stuff is an improvement. I cannot bring myself to like them. I see it as they are buying up all the fastbacks that a father and his son could buy and fix up as a project. Are now going to be more expensive than most sons and fathers could afford combining their incomes. And that in turn is affecting the prices of the ones they don't buy as well. Though I do like the cars they build.