OMFG I am so pissed! (pics, some good, some bad)

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  1. Its at the shop now, they are trying to figure out if it needs a K-memeber or not.
  2. If you think a car will stop better WITHOUT ABS you are smoking the Weed! The science behind it is that the coeficient of Static Friction is higher than Kinetic Friction for Rubber to Concrete or Asphalt. Force of friction = friction coeficcent X Force of Normal. So a wheel not sliding or Skidding will stop faster because there is more friction between the tires and the road!!!

    End of Story!
  3. if your car does need a k member i think you need to just stand over them this time and make sure they are doing everything right... that way you wont get it back with another surprise.....OOOOOORRRRR, we can trade :D no? :shrug:
  4. well..... they are 5 spoke

  5. If you do need a K-member, I think this is an opportune time for a light weight tubular version, don't you? ;)
  6. i thought he already had one maybe im mistaken
  7. Thats the plan man :nice:
  8. Keep us I just read 2 pages of usless CRAP :lol:

  9. :nice::nice: IS a Laser thread. :shrug: