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  1. Greetings,

    Just wanted to share my new 40th Anniversary Mustang. It's a great car, and bone stock, it runs 14.50 @ 97mph in the quarter. We hope to add some power to it in the future, but we also have an 88 Mustang GT that we race so it gets a little more of the power attention. I'll get a picture uploaded once I get back on the computer with the right software to decrease the size of the photo.

  2. Cool what color did you get? Yeah keep the 88 for speed a drive the 04 to look good. Just get a exhaust and stuff right away so you can hear her 4.6 sound great.
  3. This one is Black with the gold stripes. Tan leather interior. Now if I could just get the pictures down to size we'd have it made.
  4. Congrats on the 40th anniversary mustang! I just bought one myself. oxford white!


  5. had mine for a month so far. OXFORD WHITE all the way :D
  6. welcome to the family :nice:
  7. :stupid: welcome!!!!
  8. Try http://www.faststone.com they have a free resizer.
  9. I have two

    I have two 40th Anniversary Stang's
    1 Sreaming Yellow V6
    1 Oxford White GT, with a few mod's and more on the way....
  10. Are you on the coloradostangs.com boards.