Opinions, Cobra Purchase possible

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  1. Well i moved from Pennsylvania to Nevada, and i left my 03 GT at my parents house, but it's going to be sold in the next week, i was going to buy a foxbody straight out, but i switched gears and decided to finance a Cobra. Its a 03 Black, convertible, 83,xxx miles, they want $18,500 for it, for the miles on it i think its a little high, but that's why you hangle right. it has 442 RWHP, im totally new to cobras and their engines. I've read in countless places about how much power they can hold. But my main concern is the mileage, how long do they hold up? i know factors contribute, mainly the driver and abuse. But what's the usual milestone for a rebuild? I dont wanna drop that much $ on something, and have another couple grand wrapped up in a rebuilt, because i'm at my responsible limit, i don't want to dig myself in a hole financially. Any opinions? the mods on the cobra are: 2.7 pulley, diablo chip and programmer, K&N intake, Idler pulley, and a catted magniflow x pipe.

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  2. Nice car but $18.5k or anything close to it for a car coming up on 100k is pretty out there IMO.