overweight rumor won't die

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  1. Again though the rumor is overweight from what ford wanted. With no facts on what ford wanted for weight.
  2. Doesn't it weigh close to the current Mach 1 :shrug: with 300+ h.p. (for the GT) who cares :p
  3. Yes but somepeople want to keep perpetuating the rumor as truth.
  4. Well right now everyone seems to be taking Ford's word for it that the car weighs 3450 pounds. Did Hot Rod of Motor Trend get a chance to weigh the production car to verify? I'm guessing the answer is no...
  5. Its people like that, that just likes to start s#!t. I guess it makes them feel special or something because they think they know everything.
  6. You guys kill me. There are two possibilities here: 1) these posts about weight complaints/issues by Ford insiders are total fiction or 2) half the people on Stangnet are in denial. So far I have seen more proof to support #2. Is there any evidence to support #1?
  7. Motor Trend say 3425lbs but I think it was a estimate.
  8. Yeah, it says it's an estimate.
  9. You guys kill me. Some of you appear to be going crazy over 75 lb.

    The weight of an Infinity G35 2 door coupe with MTX is listed @ 3435 lb.

    The weight of a 2003 Mach 1 is listed at 3469 lb., but several people over on the Mach 1 registry claim that they have weighed their Mach 1's and with MTX & 1/4 tank of gas they weigh about 3380 lb.
  10. some people do not want the 05 to succeed. fanboys. reminds me of the amd and 3dfx freaks of the computer world.
  11. I want the Mustang to succeed. I'm not worried about +/- 75 pounds, but I am worried that the 3800 pound rumor might not end up being too far from the truth. I posted the link to the BON post because it seemed to back up the other post of a few weeks ago. But lots of people here seem satisfied that the 3450 or 3425 printed in the Hot Rod and Motor Trend articles is the truth. Let's hope that it is. But I'll be curious how long it is before Ford lets someone weigh the car.
  12. The sky is falling. The sky is falling.
  13. Maybe I missed it on the bon thread. But I saw nothing that said anything other than it was more than the ford target weight. Which no one knows. But we're supposed to believe a rumor with no facts behind it over an estimate they got from ford. I am assuming most if not all of the motortrend figures were given to them by Ford. there is a large difference between 3400 and 3800 lbs. Enough that 3400 is not an estimate of that weight. I seriously doubt ford would be 400 lbs off in an estimate.
  14. I read, a looong time ago that the target weight for the 2005 Mustang was 3,200 lb., an agressive goal. So Here it is 3 years later and we've found out they didn't meet the target weight. I'm sure there's a buch of Ford engineers that are real dissappointed that they missed the original target weight, but that's life.

    3450 lb. sounds reasonable, that's probably what the GT weighs, +/- 50 lb.
  15. That would explain these posts if they had been gunning for 3200. And I agree that 3450 is reasonable.
  16. Imagine how the checy boyz feel.
    look at that ass ugly truck thing...ssr i think it is....like pushing $40k 300hp...weighs in at like 42-4300 lbs i think....that thing isnt that big, and it is not intended to haul ANYTHING like a 1/2 ton p/u would.
    just something for thought.....
  17. In Hot Rod it says the GT is estimated at LESS THAN 3,450 lbs, and the V6 LESS THAN 3,300 lbs. Both of these numbers are with the manual transmission. And like any Mustang, I'll bet it's easy to take 100+ lbs off the car without making any real sacrifices.
  18. Some of you guys worry way too much. Ford says its gonna weigh around 3400lbs. Why doubt this. Why would ford lie about this. If they say now that it is gonna weigh 3425lbs and when it comes out it weighs 3650lbs they would look really stupid. They were honest about the 03 Cobra weight, why would they lie about this one. The Cobra is a fat bastard, its so damn heavy its embaressing, yet they owned up to it.

    Don't worry so much guys, it will be OK.

    I see some more serious problems with the car. The PCM with no port for a chip is one. The auto tranny is a problem I see that will be hard to fix. I just don't see this tranny lasting long at 300hp levels, let alone if you add mods. I am not a big fan of the fly by wire either. I like a throttle cable. I like to know I have complete control over how much the throttle body is open, not some electronics that could fail.

    Either way, none of these are major problems(other than the auto trans). All will be overcome eventually anyway. I think the car looks amazing. I love it, why didn't anybody post the picture in Motor Trend of there render of the GT500. Its looks GOOOOOOOOOOOD. :D
  19. In Ford's defense, it's awfully hard to keep a car's weight down these days because of all the safety requirements. In order to keep the cost down, they probably can't use many, if any, exotic materials to save weight.

    I remember when the re-designed T-Bird came out in 1989. The Ford execs were genuinely pissed when that car weighed in at a hefty 3800 lbs. I don't think they had nearly the safety requirements back then that they have now. I believe some people lost their jobs over that one.

    I may be alone on an island here, but I won't be too disappointed at 3425lbs.