Perell P Zero Tread Life

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  1. How many miles are you guys getting on your p zeros. I have just over 6000 miles on my 2014 gt track pack mustang. Rears are at .228 and the fronts are .280 with a depth micrometer. I will be rotating tomorrow. I've only done a few hard launches, mostly 2nd and third gear fun with about 2500 miles all highway. I see from the specs they are 9/16 new (.312 )
  2. there's actually only 10/32 of tread on them to begin with, don't expect too much. I'm at 20,000 kilometers and they are half worn.
  3. Summer tires do not last long. I got about 16k out of mine.
  4. Probably going with Michelin Pilot SS next time, myself. Everyone I know that has them says they are better than Pzeros with twice the tread wear. Expensive, yes but, not as much as buying 2 sets of tires.
  5. What is a tread depth micrometer? The only micrometers I know of read outside measurements and diameters. Anything else should be considered a depth gauge or more appropriate term. Right?

    but yeah, these tires dont last very long. I think the overall consensus is that they are barely "ok" for these cars.
  6. We called them depth mic's when I was doing machinist work in tool and die for 10 years. It works like an o.d. mic with measurements on the barrel (handle ) thats in thousands. They have interchangeable rods. 0 to 1" up to 6 ". The ford dealer I go to always check my tires with some kimd of small gauge when I go in also. First thing they do LOL. I guess that would be a tread depth gauge.
  7. You can use a penny stuck between tread blocks for comparison purposes. These tires are actually very good. They aren't the newest design but, they are also not your off-the-rack P Zeros, either. The sidewall says, MO, which means "Mercedes Original". These tires are constructed and compounded differently for the AMG Mercs. This is why the car performed so well in the comparison tests, despite having a less than sophisticated suspension architecture.

    This is a no-compromise, super high performance summer tire. Tread life is hardly a consideration. The fact others have met or exceeded both tread life and performance of this tire is just the way things go.
  8. hmm I might have to go with those pilot ss's if they are that good
  9. I didnt like the p zero tires. I like the Nitto NT555's but I loved the Goodyear Eagle GT's
  10. I don't know much about tire gauges but I've certainly used depth mics.

    I like the P Zeros on my 2014 track pack GT. They have lots of grip and a gradual break away. You can drive right at the edge without having them wash out and feel what they're doing. The sticker on the door frame says 35 psi but mine were 40 psi from the factory. I'm guessing 10k miles max though. That's pretty normal for performance tires.
  11. 10k miles for a set of performance summer tires is unacceptable.
  12. 10k is definitely low, 12-15k seems to be more inline with what people are seeing. But on a car that is consistently driven aggressively, I can see 10k.
  13. The Goodyear Eagles are supposed to be good for 20,000 from what I read/hear
  14. I have just over 12k miles on my tires and they are rotated ever 6 month which is about every 6k miles. I don't think these look too bad at all?


  15. Those are not the PZero summer tires they are talking about. You have PZero Nero all seasons.

    I have the summer tires, and I'll be optimistic and hope they last 35-40k miles. I've got almost 9k on them now, and they still have well over half of their tread.

    My brother has the Zero Nero all seasons on his, with almost 120k on the originals, and still not quite down to the wear bars yet.
  16. 120k mi on 1 set of tires? wow.
  17. 9/16" is actually .5625" .312" is actually only 5/16" Just sayin..........
  18. I think that "9/16" should be "9/32" as tire tread depth is usually done in 32nds of an inch.

    Our 2008 Mustang GT has Perelli P Zero Nero, size 235/55-17 and all 4 wear the date code "3107" which means 31st week of 2007. I am satisfied that they are OEM on this car, it currently has 23,000+ miles, it had just a few shy of 22,000 when purchased back in June. These 4 tires are smooth., the rims have never had a weight clipped to them (nor will they) and all 4 still measure 7 and 8/32 tread depth. The tire tread is part of why I bought this car, the date tells me OEM, and the wear says "no abuse".

  19. I got almost 36k out of my stock P-Zero's. I'm generally a calm driver; lots of highway milage, and not a huge amount of hard launches, or flinging it around a corner. But, maybe 10% of the time, if I'm in the middle of nowhere, I may drive like a jackass.

    Just replaced mine about a month ago with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's. I was very hesitant to buy an all season tire, but kept hearing good things about them, and decided to pull the trigger. Honestly? They're fantastic. Softer ride on rough surfaces, and more quiet than the P-Zero's, but with phenomenal grip! With the P-zero's, I was able to easily kick out the rear end on the 1-2 shift (stick shift), but I honestly have difficulty even chirping them with the A/S3's. Grip in the rain is shockingly good. As in, I'm afraid to push any harder, but the tires aren't complaining at all.

    TL:DR, if you're looking for new tires, the Michelin Pilot A/S3's are a damn good option, that stick better in the dry, WAY better in the wet, and make less noise and absorb more hard jolts on the road.
  20. what about in temps below 70? That's when I feel the Pirelli's are at their absolute worst. No traction and a lot of wheel hop.
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