Perell P Zero Tread Life

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  1. Below 70? Mine felt fine until the temp dipped into the 40's. Then they felt like I was driving with buttered rocks for tires, no traction at all, and a brutally harsh ride. After I dove for a mile or two and the tires heated up the ride and traction improved.
  2. i've had the p zero's on mustangs and my old Caddy DTS. Was lucky to get 20k miles on any set with rotating them every 5k miles. If memory serves me right, they are a softer compound tire and you trade off the handlng and traction for reduced treadlife. If you want 40000 mile tires get Michelins.
  3. I mostly just ride, occasionally maybe accelerate hard, maybe take a ramp quick, but generally just ride. As well as they seem to be wearing, I expect they are hard enough to be "not the stickiest" of tires, neither above or below 70 degrees.

    They are a fair "OEM" tire I think .... enough for one to decide what they want next. I already have some Goodyear RS-As I'll be using when these get some more miles piled up. RS-As aren't the stickiest maybe, but they have a smooth transition from stuck to slip and in my previous career, I developed a "trust" for them.
    Besides, they look great.