Pics of your sub/amp setup??

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  1. Well, why don't you? Just pretend it er, "accidently" opened up on you when you were driving and you can't pull over to close it. :D
  2. Here's one in my old car, before I traded it in

  3. And here's my lame ass setup w/ the mach 460

  4. Just wondering, how much money did you system add to your car? I heard that dealers don't pay you that much to all the extra add ons to your car.
  5. I took it out, but wouldn't work with my new car.
  6. Can we make this a sticky and get more people to post. I think others would enjoy seeing different set ups without have to search too far.
  7. :stupid: I've made one before but I was as sucessful as this one.
  8. interesting.
  9. :hail2:

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  10. Here are a few pics of mine, not finished with it, but just got her up and running today:


  11. Anybody have pictures with 12's in a ported box?
  12. On a stang, 2 12s ported would take up the whole trunk!
  13. What about 2 10's ported? Would that take up the whole trunk?
  14. Better yet what about pictures with 10's or 12's with band pass boxes.
  15. audiobahn suck ass
  16. i'm planning to do 1 mtx 12" 7500 sub
  17. heres a pic of mine its my first install soo bare with me

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  18. Here are some pics of mine. Kicker 06ZX700.5 5 channel amp, and two Kicker 8" solabaric L-5's.

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