Picture of my car and bros celica

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by WillDuhhBeast, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. My car, my bros car and a random tC we saw at the mall.


    More of my bros car





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  2. Sorry but not my type of rice.

  3. What type of rice is yours?
  4. lookin good will. :nice:

    get some more of your car bro!! and some under the hood shots! its awesome.
  5. how about some more shots of your car rather than your bro's car instead?
    plz tell me you put it on him in a race too

  6. Yeah, I put it on him a little bit.

    He's supercharged also.
  7. The Celica has been a turd since they got rid of the All-Trac a long time ago.

    Toyota seems to have fallen off the deep end and never recovered. When all the other Japanese car makers are deep into the horsepower war, Toyota seems to have buried their head in the mud and gone more of the styling route than anything else.

  8. is your bro gay?
  9. at least its all one color. toyota is avoiding the hp war except fot the camery!!! whats it got 298 hp or something.

  10. didnt u guys get the memo? :)

  11. The 07 V6 Camry has 268 hp @ 6200 rpm and 248 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4700 rpm.
  12. I like white rice. Not **** with yellow on it. Sorry but it just seems to be a waste of money. Its not my car or my money so it is just my .02$ so I say I don't like it.

    I will say Vdub's are by my favorite when it comes to any import car on the road. Almost every vdub is sweet. There saying is low and wide. Your bros celica is low but **** he has maybe 2" before his wheels even hit the outer fender.
  13. Lol.

    Celica is kind of a girl's car...

    Well, more than kind of...

    Toyota isn't really about competition. They're about improving their own quality. Its a pretty new way of thinking for the auto industry. Don't wait for your competitors to get better than you to improve, go to work every day with the mindset that your job is to improve something within the company.

    ^sent to me by my Soph. ME Design professor. Long read, but if your interested in that kind of stuff...

    Anyway... WTF?? A Toyota is gonna have a bigger engine than me?!?! MUST ORDER STROKER KIT
  14. More Stang, lest Fast and the Furious! :notnice:

    .....BTW, your next purchase should be a set of 275's for your '03 Cobra wheels. The stock 245's look like pizza cutters on them. :D
  15. Chicken Fried Rice.
  16. wonder what that nsx is going to cost if they ever make it. 100,000
  17. I have 285's on the back, and I don't plan on getting any wider in the front.

    And no, my brother is not gay, thats pretty rude actually.

    And as far as toyota burying it's head, that was the most ridiculous comment you could have said sanman.

    It's one of the top three, if not number one car seller in America. The new camry just won car of the year from motor trend, and soon they will add the supra back to the line-up. All that and I haven't even mentioned the Scion and Lexus sectors of this company.

    To say they buried thier heads is definitely a sign of your view on things.

    Thank you all for your opinions on his car.

    My thoughts are that the people on this board should be a little less obsessive over rice and turn at least slightly away from the idea that if it doesnt have bullits and a k&n on it, then it's ****ty or pointless. I'm not saying you have to like it one bit, but maybe if you had an open mind about things, you might really find what your missing out on.
  18. weak

    Nice looking stang you have there!

    Your bros car... :notnice: I think those vertical door kits are about the single dumbest aftermarket thing you can do to a car. Definately riced out.

    I am not anti-import by any means, hell I am a big fan of Evos, but I hate cars that look like they are trying to hard. Body kits, stupidly large wings, those door kits....:bang:
  19. Your mustang looks excellent. :nice:
    Sorry but your friends Toyota Celica and the Scion TC
    looks hideous and wretched to say the least:puke: :notnice:
  20. When I said "bury it's head," I meant performance wise. What car, since the Celica All Trac (89) and Supra (98) have been a performance car? Answer: NONE.

    Toyota went the route of designing simple, mundane, low performing vehicles since then. I'm NOT talking about quality mind you, that's NEVER a question with a Toyota. Change the oil and it'll run god damn forever. I am talking about performance. Every other Japanese manufacturer has gone the route of performance without sacrificing quality.

    Nissan's motto was having the highest horsepower in every class of vehicle they sell, and they've pretty much kept to that motto. The mid sized Altima, full sized Maxima, Xterra, Frontier, Titan, 350z. They have the most or top 3 amount of HP in every catagory.

    Honda is finally getting around back to performance with the new Civic Si's. They kinda dropped the ball for a while.

    Who the hell, other than you, is talking about sales. I could give a damn about sales. The Mustang V6 outsells the GT, but we all aren't rushing out to buy one now, are we?

    And the Supra, all I can say is "It's about time they got their head out of their asses," but it's pretty much priced out of most people's range at over 50k.

    Car of the year? Honestly, who gives a damn other than reporters? The Camry needs every bit of that 268 HP to get it's fat ass moving.

    Scion? Are you joking me? What car in the Scion line is a performance car?

    IMO, every car in the Scion line is a CHICK car. Perfect for young adult women....low HP so they won't kill themselves while driving and stylish enough that they can customize to their liking to match their fingernail polish. You wouldn't catch me DEAD in an XB or a Tc. I'd rather walk.

    With Lexus, only the IS series is a "peformance" car, and only the upcoming V8 and maybe the IS350.

    It is. Toyota's performance has simply sucked since those two cars ended production. End of story.

    I am open minded, probably one of the MOST open minded on this board. The Mustang isn't the "End all car" in the entire world. I like an import just as much as you do, it's just that I don't drive one. I'd love a 98 single turbo Supra, or an RB 240, but I can't use them for work. I'd love an STi or an Evo as they are light years beyond a Mustang, but I can't use them for work.

    My only comment was that Toyota's performance sucked, and that they buried their (peformance) heads in the mud for many years. My statement is simply the truth, whether you like it or not, and if you are a logical person you can't disagree with me. Only now is Toyota starting to come around when sales of certain model vehicles took a crap (Celica, for example) and they finally noticed that their "sports" cars were left in the dust.

    And sorry, Lambo doors on ANY car other than a Lambo itself IS rice.
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