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  1. I'd like a price on a 15815 system. Thanks!
  2. looking for price on 2.5" for 65 mustang GT Convertible. full system from Tri-Ys back
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  4. looking for best price on xpipe 15445 and catback 15644 for an 03 cobra with irs thanks
  5. Looking for a price on a Magnapack cat-back for a 1998 Mustang GT... part #15677

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  8. just chiming in to say that if anyone is on the fence about what system to get i put the catted x and cat back on our 01 this year and its great stuff. awesome sound and great price. :nice:
  9. price for axle back street for 2011 GT 15593 ?
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  11. Price request for Magnaflow 37339 catted x-pipe with shipping to 95835 zip code?
  12. Do you sell mufflers?

    If so then is there anything from Magnaflow that compares with Flowmaster Super 50 series?

    I am looking for a muffler with dual 2.5" inlets and dual 2.5" outlets that provides nice sound for SUVs and no drone. I have a V Force muffler on my explorer and it is annoying. I like how super 50 series from FM sounds but they dont sell dual 2.5" inlets and outlets.

    In case you are wondering, it is for my Ford Explorer
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  14. I'll have to do some research and get back with you on a muffler that could work. The Magnaflow should not drone but not guaranteed, it really depends on the rest of your plumbing as well.

  15. What's the price for a Magnapack axleback for an 04 Mustang GT?
  16. Just bought a 2011 catback competition series from you. Thanks for the great price!
  17. What is the price for a catback exhaust and x pipe for a 94 Mustang GT?
  18. No problem! Enjoy!!