Planning Closet reunion - Early Fall, near Cape Cod

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  1. OH ****!, I just counted the turns from the bridge to my house, my driveway is TURN 9:jaw:
  2. Yes, the monkey-proof one with the Telefunken U-47 knob-noster.
    Just make sure your wife knows where to find the life insurance policy before you leave the house............
    NO!!!:eek: No guardrails.....Dan AIMS for those!:nono:
  3. Anyone care to buy me a plane ticket and talk my boss into giving me a week off with pay?

  4. Hey Pak, what are you driving while the 'vert's down? I'm just trying to figure out what the amalgamation will look like if Cheapie bounces off the guardrail in WORTH's driveway (that whole "Turn 9" thing) and stuffs his 'Yota pickup into your (whatever it is) vehicle :rlaugh:

    Hey Chelle - it might be a community service if we go along..... Keeping those two separated could be a little much for WORTH and FUZZY :shrug:

    By the way, Fritz; get your Knob-Noster off my Telefunken!
    Yeesh! :fuss:
  5. C'mon Dan! You're the mild-mannered (magazine) reporter.......put Chelle's air fare on your expense account ( :shrug: claim her as a research assistant / consultant - you can thenwrite it off your taxes!), and get your editor to convince her boss that her presence is required on the East Coast, "Sorry, That's Classified Information for NATIONAL SECURITY!" :hail2:

    with this bunch, it just might be National Security at stake!:eek:

  6. Time for those black Helicopters..........

  8. You mean gp001 and the sheeple are coming from the left coast???:eek:
  9. Hey,

    Just heard from Pak, he's no longer at Timberland. We may have to cheer him up!
  10. W-w-w-w-w--h-h-h-h-a-a-a-a-t-t-t???:eek:

    what happened?
  11. Dunno, just got a mass e-mail from him saying as of today his job is "eliminated", and to e-mail him at home...

    I trust he will tell us at some point.
  12. Why Worth, you say that like anyone would notice even if we did hit your cars. :owned:

    Stangdreamin' not sure yet. Could be the 04" Grand Cherokee or the 00 Dakota. Either one won't look to pretty with mangled with that import truck Dan drives though.

    As for Timberland, yes it's true. I fell victim to circumstance. That's corporate life though. It's Ok though I got a nice severance package and I already have some solid leads so I'll probably have a new job inside of a month and then I'll have a nice dual pay check for the rest of the year.
  13. I've stepped up my truck game....


    Room for kids & can tow Crunchsk8....

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  14. Hey, a Sportrak! What's it got, the V6? Or is it new enough to have the 4.6?

    I'd guess CheapSnake (CrunchSk8) is probably lighter than a fully-populated Circle J 3-horse slant with a packed walk-in tack room. That's why I went for the SporTrak's "big brother".
  15. Big V-6.

    More than enough grunt to tow the car at 75. Yep, Crunchsk8 & open trailer weigh in at 3400lbs, well within the truck's capacities. If I had a full trailer or heavier car, a full PU would be needed. I'm amazed I towed with the Toyota last year!
  16. I think the doors on my 65 f100 weigh more than that thing:D
  17. WOO HOO!:banana:

    Does this mean I get to ride inside this time up?:hail2:

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  18. But in the BACK seat........
  19. Should I bring a couple of newspapers too...? :shrug:
  20. I have a blanket in the back to protect the upholstery.