Please Move To Classifieds, Unable To Post There?

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  1. Roush 427R engine including AOD transmission

    Selling my Roush fully polished 427R including Automatic Overdrive Transmission out of my Backdraft Cobra. It is 3 years old and ran 705 miles. All new parts were used. The specs can be seen at:
    The fully polished version is 17k, transmission and parts were 4k. Selling for 12000.
    The engine is still in the car to show potential buyers the engine/tranny. It can be ready for transport within 2 hours. Location: Wichita Falls, TX Please contact me at 940-642-6110

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  2. Toni,

    What do you mean you can't post in the classifieds? You should have the permissions necessary to do so.

  3. I've just tested your premissions and you do in fact, have the ability to post in the classifieds.

    Pick the classifieds section that your part fits in. Look in the upper right hand corner, right next to your avatar for the POST NEW THREAD button.
  4. @Toni200

    Make sure that you're posting to a forum and not a category...

    For instance:

    The following link will take you to a forum CATEGORY. This CATEGORY is only a container for forums where posts and threads can be made. You cannot post in a CATEGORY. Nobody can.

    This next link takes you to an actual forum. It is a forum beneath the CATEGORY in the link above.

    This is a location where posts can be made.

    You're selling an engine. So find the CATEGORY where you think the engine belongs whether it's Classic Mustangs, Fox Mustangs, etc. Once you're in that CATEGORY, select the engine sub-forum. You would create your ad in that sub-forum.