Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. Hey, I'm sorry, I've done a search regarding this, but I was wondering if you guys/gals would post ===> your car V6/GT, auto/manual, and gas mileage. I'm just curious. Thanks :D
  2. You'll love this, 14 MPG city and 20.7 highway. The 20.7 was a trip I took on Thursday around 250-300 miles. It is hard keeping the foot from smashing down. I have the GT with manual.
  3. GT Auto got 21.4 on the last tank...heres a tip thatll gives me about 2 extra mpg...set the cruise control

    keeps ya out of trouble too
  4. gt manual 15 in town 25 on highway
  5. Thanks for the input, guys. Trent, do you think that was mostly highway or city? Comparitively speaking it sounds pretty good.
  6. got a gt 5-speed manual: 19-20 in town with a heavy foot at the lights, 25 on my only road trip---1100 miles (it only had 1000 on it before i did that)
  7. best I have got is 23 and only one time. this past tank I kept it at 75 on the interstate and got 22mpg. 90% of my driving is the 60 mile trip to work and back on the interstate. I have a manual tranny btw. have over 5k miles on her.
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  8. road trip to san jose fully loaded w/air on 25.5 around town 18 - 19 now that i have lowered the car and am more playfull 14-15
  9. Mostly small town driving 17.8 MPG GT Manual.

  10. Around everyone else, 14-15 around town, havent really checked only highway yet, but two tanks had about 40% highway and they were 17.
  11. I drive a combo city/Hwy everday 23 avg. 26 just hwy.
  12. 18.5 average. About 25% city and 75% highway.
  13. 19 in town, 26 on the hwy. 05GT Auto.
  14. You guys are going to say I'm full of it but I'll remind you I drive for a living and fuel mileage is a big deal when you drive a semi-truck that gets 6 to 7 MPG. I average about 21 MPG in my 5spd GT but I left home one day during a pretty good rain storm and drove 186 miles. I kept my speed below 60 the entire trip and took it real easy on the throttle. My mileage came out 30.7 MPG when I pulled into Oklahoma City. I suspect that's about as good as it's ever going to get.
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  15. I believe it. My F150 can vary from a low of 11-12 to a high of 16 depending on speed. The 16 was driving around 65, get to 75 and see the 11-12. Guess they knew what they were doing with the 55 on the interstate.
  16. That IS hard to believe, but it must be possible. I wonder if it could happen in an auto? Actually, even averaging 21 MPG seems pretty good! Thanks again for all the input guys! :)
  17. I took my first road trip last weekend. 250+ one way.
    20.3 going, 21.0 return trip. Cruise set on 84 for the most part, speed limit was 75.
  18. i've had my mustang for 2 weeks now. i started with 14 miles and now i have 3100. for city i averaged 14 mpg. on my 600 mile road trip each way i got 26 mpg. i have a 5 speed gt with bassani off road x-pipe and flowmasters.
  19. I get between 0 - 12 going uphill or when punching it! However, I get like 80 - 90 mpg going down hill :) Man, this car is awesome!! :)
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  20. GT manual (vert) 16.4mpg mostly city driving with about 1900miles on the OD.

    With no real change in driving it has come up from about 15.4mpg only a few hundred miles ago so there is probably some engine break-in going on.......