Polished Paxton BLOW THRU carb kit *NEW* $3200

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  1. Passenger side POLISHED Blow thru carb superscarger kit! Brand new in the box!!!

    System Components

    * A cast aluminum carburetor enclosure assembly for the use with Holley #4150 type, Quick Fuel Q-750 BAN or Demon 650 MD 4-BBL carburetor (mechanical secondaries, .120 needle and seat plus nitrophyll float set). The enclosure pressurizes the float bowls and throttle shafts for seamless response and correct air/fuel ratio. It features front and rear -8 AN fuel inlet ports as well as multiple locations for pressure/vacuum connections. Linkage arms, splined shaft and left/right hand spherical rod ends are included for simple throttle connection and adjustment. Carburetor studs are supplied and available separately. If the Holley carburetor is used, an air diffuser (#8M011-001) is recommended.
    * The NOVI supercharger uses a 3.7” 8-rib supercharger pulley, which produces approximately 7-1/2 PSI @ 5500 rpm on a stock V8 engine.
    * Supercharger drive system with necessary belts and pulleys (for use in V-belt setup)
    * Billet aluminum mounting plate configuration for alternator and supercharger drive assembly.
    * Aluminum discharge tube with Bosch compressor bypass valve.
    * Fuel system upgrade with high-volume boost-referenced mechanical fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines and high-flow air filter.

    $3200 + shipping

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  2. is this still available? will it fit a 351w based motor? thanks
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