Ported heads, new cam profile???

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  1. first part = disgusting!

    Second part: I'm not a big fan of just bolting on a blower either. I've seen too many blow up as well. That's why i went the NA build. And actually i'm very very happy with it. If you ever want details, send me a PM. And yes, this whole mod business is very expensive, and i'm not sure its worth it to everyone.

    PS: Addict is easily scared off... :D
  2. lafear01, I'm am very interested in changing the cams, could you give some recommendations as to what brands I should look for and what durations :)
  3. I'd be happy to, but first you gotta tell me what your looking for from a cam(and in detail). Everything from where you want the power to drivability concerns (what do ya plan on using the car for). then i'll give you some suggestions tomorrow. talk to ya then.

    also, brent32v is an excellent resource as well...
  4. I'd listen to Lafear on the cam advice.....I can tell you what you need to know about supercharging if you become interested in that.

    As for those pics...what's wrong with people :uzi:
  5. Well, to start with the car, it is not the daily driver, it will see the street on the weekends and I don't plan on every taking it out on long road trips unless to the track which is only about 50 miles from where I live.

    I just recieved the new gears today and I'm waiting on an order for new tires to help hook when I go back to the track this fall. So if I lost a little low end torque It might not be the end of the world, but I guess solid gains across the chart would be nice while droping a few tenths.

    I don't like the idea of losing power until 5000rpm. Hoping to hit at least mid 12 n/a would really make me happy though I know I need to see where I'm at now to know how far I need to go.

    I've ran the 1/4 mile 2 years ago all stock at 14.1. I've never had the time/or made the time to go back out there after mods. So before I do any engine work I'm going to install the new gears and get some practice out their to see what I can do now. Hope that helps :D
  6. If you want to pass smog, get the cams Al Pappito (boss330) recommends for people who want a strong powerband and want to pass smog. They are some crane N/A cams, with 209 [email protected], and .450 lift. You wont have to replace springs. The 99-01 factory cams have about 10 degrees more duration on the intake, than the 96-98 counterparts. This is probably a big reason why the 99-01 cobras seem to respond better to mods and tend to make more power. The stronger power down low is because of the velocity of those heads. Those crane cams have about 10 degrees more duration than the 99-01's, so you would be looking at about 20 degrees more duration than your stock cams, which would probably be worth about 25-30 more rwhp potential with just bolt ons. Try cams first, and then if you want more, have a light port done with a nice valve job and a 2 angle backcut on the valves.
  7. Well. If i understand your response correctly, I would say your looking for a cam that provides midrange to high end punch. If your going steep gears, the low end loss will NOT be a big issue. Below are some CAMS that I was originally interested in. (and dont believe their power claims)

    INTAKE: 186 duration / 392 lift (at .050)
    EXHAUST: 194 duration / 390 lift (at .050)
    FR500 cams
    Intake .472 lift [email protected] .050
    Exhaust .472 lift [email protected] .050

    Crower 4V billet replacement CAMS:
    STAGE 1 .050 (power: claims 50rwhp ) $1200
    Intake Duration Lift
    192 421
    Exhaust 204 430

    STAGE 2 .050 (power: claims 70rwhp ) $1200
    Intake 210 472
    Exhaust 216 473

    Jerry (at Crower) # 62821 page 55 of cam-sheet

    Crower 4V billet replacement CAMS (JDM-specific grind)
    Duration lift
    Intake 208 .450 lobe separation/centerline 114 degrees
    Exhaust 214 .450 cams & springs = $1195.00
    Anthony/Jim/Justin: 732-780-0770

    ModMax 370-25200I
    4.6 & 5.4 DOHC N/A Mild Street Strip
    Duration @ .003" 265 degrees
    Duration @ .050" 205 degrees
    Centerline: 110
    Lift @ Valve: .460"

    ModMax 370-25200E
    4.6 & 5.4 DOHC N/A Mild Street Strip
    Duration @ .003" 264 degrees
    Duration @ .050" 205 degrees
    Centerline: 108
    Lift @ Valve: .475"

    If you want to go a little more aggressive, Hensler has a custom grind CAM that helped to produce 380+ rwhp on a big bore NA engine (and that was before breakin). Below is an attachment to my webpage that has my build specs and there is a link to hensler racing near the bottom. Talk to James. He can give you his suggestions & he knows what he's talking about.


    good luck
  8. Im pretty sure those stock cam specs you gave are for 96-98 cobras. The 99-01's have something like [email protected] .050, according to Al Pappito and a few others.
    Im starting to lose my marbles trying to choose cams.