Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Ain't you heard of a California duster? lol srtthis
  2. waiting for water pump...
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  3. funny things is... i have one...
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  4. Really sweet! Do you use any special cleaner or protectant on your top?
  5. No pics but right now its sitting with the seats and door panels out getting recovered with leather.
  6. IMG_20130425_211752_505_zps5bb48f68.jpg

    Rear end installed and finally brought off the rear jackstands since last November hahaha
  7. Thanks! Well, not sure if I am ruining my top, but I use Armorall. I tried to use a Meguiars Cleaner/Protectant but it left white blotchy spots on it, so I went back to Armorall.
    I know there's a black dye out there to restore the color and mine could use that because its the original top. The Armorall doesn't seem to be damaging it, but I probably won't use it once a new top goes on...
  8. ford had a product they said to use for the top back in the 90's. back to black if i remember correctly. i am sure they have something they use for the new cars. everything i have ever read about armor all basically says it is horrible stuff.
  9. got bored yesterday and started buffing the car....

    it sucks i need a new hatch since it does clean up very nice... its just starting to rust
  10. You sir need to shave
  11. haha **** shaving! and i like the fact you can tell that by my reflection off my hatch
  12. Ya did good pig ... ya did good lol
  13. Claybar and waxed - smooth as glass!
  14. About ready to start driving it, I gotta get alignment, insurance, registration, and inspection.


    Scored this last weekend, I'm gonna try to get all the parts I'll want stock piled to do all at once, I also have a full exhaust with long tubes, OR H pipe, tail pipes, etc.

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