Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Mine has new paint so I won't be needing the clay bar this year but I will be able to wax soon. That being said, I am looking for wax suggestions...
  2. My stang

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  3. Adams polishes their buttery wax so easy to use
  4. bring it down to me and i can polish it for you....

    i use britemax products... zero wax... 4 coats of polish and a sealer.
  5. I don't have any recent pics, but I did finally get around to ordering seat tracks for my Corbeaus and new carpet and a few other little things to get my interior color swap finished. I should have some progress pics within a month or so. Once this car is back drivable, I swear I'm not doing anything else to it except wash it and drive it unless something breaks. I haven't had quality driving time with this car since '09.
  6. where u at? I could definitely use some pointers
  7. about an hour from the buck right out side bel air
  8. 9apa2ava.jpg udepaguj.jpg

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  9. Drove over the bridge to check out Seaside Heights.

  10. Damn. I'm really torn between those style rims and good old Bullitts for when I eventually 5 lug my car. I know both are pretty played out but I think they're two of the hottest wheels you can put on a Fox.
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  11. I was torn between these, terminator rims and Saleens. I still sometimes toy with selling them and swapping. OR powercoating these all black or something. I do loveeeee these wheels, but i'm always looking to change it up haha
  12. Is that in PA?
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  14. Maryland
  15. Nice car!!! Love the wheels! now go wash the salt off, what are you doing at the beach??? :eek:

  16. LOL no salt on it. I live here so shes always in the salt air!
  17. Ehhhhrrmmmaaagoooooddd the wheels !!!!!

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  18. What happened to the coupe

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13

  19. very nice cobra s&b