Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Replaced the rear control arms. Gained about 3/4" in the rear.

    And a new look: Painted the center section of my Cobra replica's to mimic the 93 Cobra R tribars.

    Now I need a black top!
  2. ^^I like the Cobra R style wheels.
  3. crappy cell phone pic.
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  4. null_zps77bdd726.jpg

    Got her first bath in a long ass time
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  5. I was out in the driveway this morning, acting like an idiot... pics & vids on facebook. :D

  6. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1373034234.916111.jpg Sharad this was going around Facebook fan pages yesterday , Be proud !!

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  7. I was all set to order mt ET's, but I saved $150 on these tires from a friend who owed me a favor. These are brand new NT05R. New tires means that I get to have extra fun melting my old yokohama's. I've grown to hate my old tires and i'm going to take out my aggression on them!I took a vid on my cel of it. Will try to post
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  8. Thanks brother! Yeah, I was feeling extra patriotic so I threw a quick chop together.
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  9. nice new DRs!! now go tear up that old yoko crap!!!
  10. Good riddance!

  11. Love the 94-95 Pony wheels. I ran these on my 94 during the "Sleeper" days with the Vortech S-trim. Made for funny remarks from the driver's that lost, "It's stock man".

    Mustang.jpg MustangSupercharged.jpg
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  12. Now she's lowered
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  13. Here's the sound to go with it

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  14. Stang front pic.jpg
    It's been awhile, but got out for a cruise tonight
  15. ya gotta get out more bro car looks great!
  16. Scored this last night for $500 complete minus the cobra calipers.