Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. 81 aero coupe
    99-04 interior conversion
    SOHC or DOHC drivetrain N/A
    Here is a rendering that was created on here by someone for me
    Im going to go with a stock hood, and not so low though.
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  2. Very nice. Nice cobra btw.
  3. I love teal cobras. That is all
  4. Finally bit the bullet and took Project Shocker to Ike at MPR Racing Engines. I'm hell bent on making an 8-second pass this season! 89atMPR_zps675b44cc.jpg
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  5. Did you realize that you guys have the same last two initials? :chin
  6. And both shops build FAST cars!! (and we're about two miles away from each other)
  7. That thingie that covers your license plate is missing. Musta fallen off.
  8. PS @Sharad that ^ was my 1320th post. Good omen?
  9. Hopefully a good omen! And I took the parachute off for street driving. :)
  10. Thank you for being "modest" and not showing off with the parachute in public. :rolleyes:
  11. I'm just calling it as I see it, Sharad's car looks slow.

    That is all.:p
  12. Got some epoxy primer on the 86 today, one step closer.

  13. IMG_20140413_095911.jpg

    Putting in carpet on my ugly exterior 89 GT Vert.

    Also dyed the dash

    IDK how the red overspray got on the side skirt I had everything covered. It might just wipe off
  14. I saw this car at Mustang week and I must say it is quite amazing!!
  15. Here is my Lady. I haven't seen her in person yet But soon I will. I am taking her to Mustang Week '14 but she won't be ready for the Show :( photo1.jpg
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  16. I like your wheels!
  17. Thanks. here's what she looks like normally when not fubar'd

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  18. Poor car @1990Coupe. Good thing there is not too much damage!
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