Post Pics Of Your Notch!

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  1. wow that thing sits high!
  2. Hey I know that car! :D

    Thanks for the compliments guys! I put a 91mm turbo with an 88mm restrictor on it for this year, and this is the best pass I got out of it so far with 28x10.5s.

    8.50 @ 164.77 video by YellowNotch LINK
  3. Damn you and your stunning notch.
  4. I just picked up this emerald green notch from two retiree's not far from where I live in Lebanon PA. 230,000 miles and 100% stock down to the air silencer still in the fender. the interior is amazingly clean for such high miles, and it only has one small dent on passenger side door.

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  5. I love that car, seen it on the bullet a few times.
  6. Any videos yet? I'd love to see this car in action. Even if you're just cruising.

  7. anyone know the true color of that orange/copper coupe?
  8. Not mine anymore (sold it at auction in May), but still one of my favorites (have owned 2 other 86 5.0 manual notches too).
  9. Thanks man!
  10. My god TRBOFOX, that is badass..... ive never really liked those first years too much, but this one is awesome and looks perfect
  11. Thanks, long time coming but worth it.